Modernizing PCF workloads with Google Kf and Kubernetes

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By SADA Engineering

Originally announced in 2011, Cloud Foundry(CF) was designed to support the whole application development lifecycle, from the beginning stages of development to deployment.   Pivotal Cloud Foundry is an enterprise-supported distribution of Cloud Foundry, adopted by  many organizations seeking to provide a flexible but opinionated platform.

Organizations looking to develop or enhance hybrid and multi-cloud strategies face challenges migrating their applications from PCF to Kubernetes. The high dependency on Cloud Foundry backing services for your application usually means that the application is locked to Cloud Foundry, and migrating the application usually involves code refactor or rewrite, not to mention changes to application lifecycle management and the developer experience.

This blog will cover how Google Cloud Kf can streamline this process, so you can break free from licensing costs and avoid refactoring exercises while maintaining the developer experience and modernizing the platform for your applications.

Kf feels like Cloud Foundry on the surface, but underneath, it is true Kubernetes. Kf runs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and leverages several open source projects to run. Unlike PCF, Kf is available without any additional licensing cost or paid subscription on GKE.

Deployed on GKE with Tekton and Anthos Service Mesh(ASM), Kf also installs several custom resources, including builds, apps, and routes, to provide a well-rounded developer experience.

Many organizations have made significant investments in the PCF platform, developer experience and training, but high licensing costs and platform changes have many seeking alternatives. Maintaining the developer experience during migration from PCF is important.

Kf solves this problem by providing the same developer experience on Kubernetes at no additional cost.

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