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Episode 144


  • Michael Ames

    Director of Vertical Markets at SADA

  • Gregg Church

    President at 4Medica

December 13, 2022

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Did you know that one in five patients in the emergency room has the potential to be misidentified, and potentially mistreated in an emergency? 🏥 Unfortunately, it happens more often than you’d think. Data is a massive problem in the healthcare industry across the U.S. Referential data is used as an identifier in almost every industry across the nation, yet we are still hesitant to bring this technology to healthcare.

SADA partner 4medica is on the frontlines of the data problem in healthcare and is using the power of cloud technology to empower healthcare systems with digital transformation. Learn more about 4medica’s journey with SADA to Google Cloud and how they are helping patients across the nation thrive as part of our newest Cloud N Clear episode.

Host: Michael Ames | Director of Vertical Markets at SADA
Guest: Gregg Church | President at 4Medica

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