The significant cultural impact of Google Workspace

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Troy Edwards and Rowan Manson break down the potential impacts Google Workspace can have on company culture.

Workspace updates:

  • Google Chat: Rooms in chat are now Spaces. This marks the evolution of chat functionality, allows for tighter integration with things like real-time editing in Google Docs. No longer just a chat room!
  • Google Sheets: This update is going to provide Intelligent Suggestions from within Google Sheets. When typing a formula in sheets, Google will begin to predict what you are trying to do with your data. And more often than not intelligently suggest the solution to that. This is an extension to the Explore functionality, meant to aid work practices.
  • Google Meet: will allow you to set the availability of your working location per day. Set expectations and provide visibility into your workday. This update is meant to support the transformation of the workplace and the hybrid/remote model.

Special guest:

Michelle Ambrose, Chief of Staff, SADA

Recently joined the SADA family and will help discuss what culture really means and explore some of the impacts she saw first-hand that Google Workspace can have on an organization.

“Culture is what people do, and don’t say.” and “is your beliefs in action”.

“Workspace tools have a symbiotic relationship with collaboration”.

Her experience comes from almost 10 years of working at Google, holding positions on both the cloud go-to-market strategy and people operations teams. She focused on change management and internal communications both at the Australian federal/state level and in the technology sector.

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