Introducing 27 Degrees: SADA’s Angle on Google Cloud

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Welcome to 27 Degrees for Google Cloud!

Join this premiere of our video series geared towards helping customers understand the inner workings of the cloud and demonstrate the technical capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform in production.

Meet our experts and co-hosts, SADA Principal Cloud Engineer, Seth Moffit, and Pre-Sales Cloud Engineer, Aaron N. Brock. They will touch on their backgrounds, what led them to work with cloud technology, and more specifically how they ended up working with Google Cloud. 

Find out what this GCP series has to offer!

Watch 27 Degrees for Google Cloud on SADA’s YouTube Channel.

Solve not just for today but for what's next.

We'll help you harness the immense power of Google Cloud to solve your business challenge and transform the way you work.

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