‘Flutin’ Transforms with SADA and Google Cloud Empowering Over 100K Live Streams with Higher ROI

Google’s technology supports Flutin to bring its users scale, migrate, modernize, and transform

New Delhi, INDIA (June 26, 2023) – Flutin, an ecosystem focused on creating new products for the content industry, will digitally transform with the power of Google Cloud, enabling users to create, promote, and monetize content bringing it closer to their communities. While scalability, reliability, and security at competitive costs have been the top priorities for over 100K Flutin users, working with Google Cloud has enabled subscribers to receive real-time actionable insights, strengthening and protecting the growth of users.

SADA played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Flutin’s digital transformation journey, ensuring the simple musician’s discovery platform becomes multi-dimensional across high-performing domains and the preferred monetization platform for the creator’s economy with the adoption of Google Cloud.

“We are enabling Flutin to bring scale, security, improved customer experience, and operational efficiency for their business with Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art technology,” said Abhinav Kishore, Head of SMB Sales (India) Google Cloud, Google Cloud.

Google’s Data and AI tools help build new user experiences. With Google’s Identity and Access Management tools, Flutin can get a unified view of security policy across the organization. Post-adoption of Google Cloud in collaboration with SADA; Flutin saw an improved customer experience and reduction in cost of ~30%, Flutin is leading with a win-win for both customers and enterprises. SADA helped ensure that Flutin has a seamless transition to leverage the full potential of the Google Cloud platform.

“We are very excited to support Flutin in their cloud transformation journey. This is a testament to SADA’s customer-centric approach and our growing footprint in India. SADA with its full spectrum of capabilities and Google Cloud’s technology are well positioned to enable customers in their transformation goals,” said Sonia Ahluwalia, Senior Director Sales-APJ at SADA.

Flutin remains committed to empowering creators, enabling them to amplify their reach and monetize their talents effectively. With the support of Google Cloud and the expertise of SADA, Flutin is poised to revolutionize the creator industry further and continue its journey of growth and innovation. With premium technology infrastructure, Flutin offers high performance, reduced costs, and minimal error rates.

Prankush Roopanwal, Co-founder and CTO at Flutin added, “We were looking to provide a seamless customer experience and our priorities were scalability, reliability, and security. Moving to Google Cloud helped us achieve these priorities along with cost savings of ~30% and error rates have significantly reduced. SADA, our channel partner, with their expertise, ensured a seamless transition and enabled us to fully leverage the potential of Google Cloud.”

About Flutin:

Flutin is a leading SaaS-based multi-streaming solution that originated as a creator discovery platform. By providing content creation, distribution, and monetization tools, Flutin empowers creators across diverse platforms to unleash their potential and thrive in the digital landscape.

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