SADA Unveils the GenAI Journey Accelerator Leading Organizations in Achieving AI Success

New consultative offering helps organizations harness the power of generative AI

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (May 1, 2024) – SADA (an Insight company), a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner across various products and engagement models, today announced the launch of its new GenAI Journey Accelerator consultative offering. Poised to transform the landscape of AI adoption within organizations, the GenAI Journey Accelerator offers a comprehensive strategy and roadmap designed to guide businesses through the complexities of AI integration while unlocking opportunities for innovation and growth.  

According to Google Cloud’s 2024 Data and AI Trends report, 54% of digital leaders say there is a skills gap preventing them from keeping up with the pace of change, as many organizations start AI projects that don’t provide business value. To address these customer challenges, SADA created a multi-stage GenAI adoption framework that begins with the GenAI Workshop, where customers build a core understanding of what is possible with GenAI and the suite of Google Cloud AI products. SADA’s GenAI Journey Accelerator builds on the GenAI Workshop by fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s potential to transform business use cases and drive results. 

“At SADA, we’re committed to empowering businesses through the application of AI. As businesses evaluate future competitiveness, a question emerges: How much AI can companies leverage compared to traditional scaling through increased hiring?” said Scott Bergquist, Global Director, AI, Data and Industry Solutions at SADA. “The answer lies in effectively utilizing AI to drive ROI, and the GenAI Journey Accelerator offers a comprehensive roadmap for organizations to navigate their AI journey with confidence and clarity. We firmly believe that the future of business competitiveness hinges on AI utilization.” 

The GenAI Journey Accelerator allows customers to move from use case discovery to use case implementation in weeks, not months. Combined with SADA Flex Services, organizations are able to address challenges associated with AI adoption while evaluating the latest Google Cloud technology advancements, including the Vertex AI platform, Gemini models, Gemini Code Assist, and the latest AI updates to BigQuery.

SADA is also introducing an online maturity assessment to further support businesses on their AI journey. This will allow organizations to gauge their AI readiness and receive personalized insights to accelerate their path to AI adoption. 

“We envision the GenAI Journey Accelerator as a catalyst for innovation, guiding businesses from AI experimentation to business value,” Bergquist added. “By offering a comprehensive suite of services, we’re empowering organizations to thrive in the AI-driven future.” 

With its holistic approach to AI adoption, SADA empowers organizations to scale AI adoption, addressing a wide range of challenges, from data management to security and governance.

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