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Episode 12

How The Cloud Powers This 16-Year-Old Racing Phenomenon

  • Tony Safoian


  • Steven Aghakhani

    The Youngest Racer in Super Trofeo History

September 10, 2019

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SADA has been a proud sponsor of Steven Aghakhani, the Youngest Racer in Super Trofeo history, for years now. He joins us on this episode to talk about his determination, passion and undeniable talent for racing. The future looks very promising for this driven 16-year-old as he approaches the Laguna Seca on September 14th/15th. See how Steven and his team optimize racing and strategy based on telemetry data using BigQuery and visualizing in Data Studio. While this is just scratching the surface, SADA is excited to see how far the power of car-generated data can take him.

Host: Tony Safoian
Guest: Steven Aghakhani

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