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Episode 90

SADA women leaders focus on talent development and training with culture and service in mind

  • Orkideh Shahidi

    VP of People Operations, SADA

  • Annette Davidsen

    Head of Talent and Development, SADA

  • Meredith Mitnick

    Training and Development Consultant, SADA

March 16, 2021

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We continue to celebrate Women’s History Month with a special Cloud N Clear episode hosted by Orkideh Shahidi, VP of People Operations. Joining Orkideh are other SADA women leaders: Annette Davidsen, Head of Talent and Development, and Meredith Mitnick, Training and Development ConsultantTune in to hear how they’ve both helped SADA take great strides in the areas of training and development, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI); and how they intend to “kick it up a notch” moving forward.

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