6 reasons why GCVE is the best data center exit destination + how to maximize adoption success with SADA

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) remains the best choice for evaluating the evolution of your computing infrastructure by combining the familiarity of VMware with the hyperscale power of Google Cloud. Maybe you’re exiting your data center or considering how to handle the recent changes to licensing of VMware by Broadcom. Or maybe you just want to remain in the VMware ecosystem without retraining your staff or migrating mission-critical applications to an unproven environment. Whatever the case may be, here are six reasons why GCVE can serve as the cornerstone of your VMware strategy:  

1. Seamless integration with Google Cloud services

If your company is already using or planning to use Google Cloud services, choosing GCVE as the place to migrate your on-prem computing workloads should result in improved integration and interoperability with GCP services.

Using GCVE, your organization can quickly adopt and integrate with other Google Cloud services including Google Kubernetes Engine, BigQuery, Cloud SQL, and many other artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and services, as the connectivity between services and GCVE is direct and integrated into Google Cloud.

2. Global network infrastructure

GCVE Google Cloud benefits

Google Cloud boasts a robust global network infrastructure. For businesses that require a global presence with low-latency connections, GCVE is a compelling choice. With GCVE located in numerous Google Cloud regions, you’ll enjoy high-speed connections between your GCVE VMs and your customers, whether accessed via on-premises data centers or directly over the Internet.

GCVE is easily accessible via private hybrid connectivity options such as Direct or Partner Interconnect, or Cloud HA VPN to your corporate environment, data centers, or other clouds. These connectivity solutions ensure that  you and your customers will enjoy high-speed, secure access to your applications.

3. Pricing and cost management

Pricing models can vary from one cloud provider to the next. You might find that Google Cloud’s pricing structure for GCVE is more favorable for your specific workload and budget constraints. And when it comes to dealing with VMware licensing, Google Cloud frees you from having to manage renewals, calculate future capacity, or deal with changes in licensing structure or product offerings and bundles.

According to a study by the VMware Cloud Economics team, GCVE users can expect to save on average 45% of total cost of ownership (TCO). These savings come from reduced labor costs, hardware acquisition, and VMware licenses that you will no longer need to purchase.

4. Innovation and collaboration

Google Cloud is known for innovation and collaboration and is the only cloud provider that gives VMware Admins full vCenter control. GCVE is actively supported by Google Cloud with new features released regularly, including support for third-party integrations such as expanded storage, networking, and backup options from Google Cloud Marketplace, and increased capacity through different node types and services. 

5. Security and compliance

Different cloud providers have varying approaches to security and compliance. If your company has specific security requirements or operates within an industry with strict compliance regulations, Google Cloud provides security assurances through custom-designed hardware and software, encryption, and compliance with various security standards. These protections exist in GCVE where data is encrypted at rest and the entire environment is only accessible through your GCP network.

For healthcare organizations, Google Cloud VMware Engine is HIPAA compliant and covered under the Google Cloud Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which enables healthcare providers to  take advantage of cloud computing while maintaining HIPAA compliance without a lot of extra steps.  

6. A great choice for your hybrid cloud strategy

GCVE for hybrid cloud strategy

If your business is adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and wishes to integrate on-premises data centers seamlessly with the cloud, GCVE is an excellent choice. GCVE can act as an extension of your on-premises datacenter, or replace it entirely. Migrations to GCVE remain within the VMware ecosystem, so no extensive retraining is required. Your VMware team skills will be very easily ported into GCVE and the entire GCP Infrastructure Architecture. Interfaces are familiar, while new features are unlocked by bringing the latest in VMware innovation to your technology teams.

VMware by Broadcom recently ended perpetual licenses, moved to a subscription model, and bundled many products into two distinct offerings, you now have less choice when selecting the VMware products and level of service that you actually need.

Customers who leverage GCVE can avoid the pain of these changes and be freed of those increased costs and reduced flexibility, while taking advantage of all the benefits and innovation of the VMware ecosystem in GCVE, and Google Cloud.

Accelerate success with SADA

Exit your data center with SADA GCVE services

SADA’s custom GCVE services provide a faster path to data center exits, drive consumption, and enable your team to manage VMware workloads effortlessly on Google Cloud Platform. Here’s how: 

1. Discovery, planning, and execution

SADA experts guide your team, from assessment to production, focusing on clearly defined milestones based on your unique business goals.

2. Architectural design, right-sizing + FinOps

With an eye on cost at every stage, your dedicated SADA team will help you meet your requirements related to security, BCP/DR, scaling, and adoption. 

3. Migration execution

SADA’s deep bench of experience in every industry includes VM migrations, VDI redeployments, containerization, database migration, and comprehensive data center deployments on Google Cloud

4. Expansive service offerings

Enjoy the full scope of SADA expertise, including Google Cloud commit structuring, GCP/GCVE landing zone deployment, Google Marketplace structuring, professional services for migration, managed VMware, and more.

Don’t hesitate to book a discovery call with SADA experts to discuss your VM migration ambitions and unlock the potential of Google Cloud. Plus, embark on your migration journey with SADA experts, access GCVE capabilities, and as a gesture of gratitude for taking the time to meet, you’ll receive a voucher for a free pair of custom Nikes. Don’t wait, book your meeting now! (Limited offer till the end of May 2024)


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