All eyes on GenAI at Google Cloud Next 2024

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Generative AI is poised to make a splash at Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas, April 9-12. As a Marquee sponsor, SADA is going all-in on GenAI innovation, including services to help implement Google’s powerhouse new AI platform, Gemini for Workspace

This blog post highlights some of the can’t-miss sessions on GenAI that SADA will be hosting or co-hosting at the conference. Between sessions, make sure to stop by our Cloud Concierge Lounge for face time with some of the AI experts who are helping enterprises across multiple industries integrate these powerful new capabilities into workflows. 

Can’t-miss GenAI sessions at Google Cloud Next 2024

Transforming marketing using generative AI: road to automation

Stagwell, a global marketing group of 50+ agencies in 34+ countries, is transforming its business on Google Cloud with help from SADA. Follow their business transformation journey as they fully embrace AI and evolve the world of marketing by bringing clients and marketers together with co-operated SaaS solutions. SADA CTO Miles Ward will be joined by Stagwell CTOs Merrill Raman and Mansoor Basha for this session. 

Golden State Warriors supercharging the fan experience with GenAI

Discover how the Golden State Warriors have harnessed the power of Google Cloud to understand fan behavior and deliver captivating experiences through technology. Get a glimpse into their future plans to leverage AI to increase productivity, create personalized experiences, and grow their fan base, all while driving business outcomes. Join Miles Ward, SADA CTO and Daniel Brusilovsky, VP of Technology for the Golden State Warriors, for this lively and far-ranging conversation.

Generative AI knowledge agents in Google Chat

Generative AI technologies are disrupting the dissemination of knowledge for organizations with large, complex record-keeping systems. SADA Associate CTO, AI/ML, Simon Margolis will demonstrate how Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search, Vertex AI Studio, prompt templating, and data grounding provide more users more access to more knowledge with ease. The demo will illustrate how we created a conversational chat system that allows natural human language to solicit knowledge from across numerous disparate systems to provide the end user with simple responses with references.

GenAI and the Public Sector

SADA experts will be available at Google Cloud Next 2024 to showcase how GenAI is poised to transform the public sector. Visit the Public Sector Focus Area to explore how SADA is empowering governmental and educational institutions with GenAI.

Register for Google Cloud Next 2024

We at SADA couldn’t be more pumped up for the premier cloud conference of the year, in Las Vegas, April 9-11, 2024. We hope you’ll join us at our Cloud Concierge Lounge for conversations with GenAI experts on how you can tap into this technology to support your unique mission. Register today, and we’ll see you at the show!

SADA GenAI resources to help you prepare for the conference

There’s time between now and the big show to hone your knowledge of the ever-evolving world of GenAI. To help you get prepped for Google Cloud Next, we’ve assembled the following resources on various aspects of GenAI, all designed to stir your imagination and generate ideas on how this powerful new technological paradigm can benefit your organization. 

SADA’s Generative AI info page – This is the place to start when you’re ready to get started with GenAI for your unique business. This page includes a handy FAQ section and a form to sign up for a complimentary consultation with a SADA GenAI expert. 

The revolutionary power of Web3 and AI, with SADA’s Michael Ames and David Carter – In this Cloud N Clear episode, two of SADA’s foremost experts on industry-focused professional services and Web3 and financial services discuss the powerful confluence of AI and the evolving Internet. 

5 tips to master the art of prompt engineering with Gemini for Workspace, a blog post by Veronica Raulin, SADA Director, Organizational Change Management – This resource suggests subtle ways you can improve your prompts when you’re using GenAI to create blog posts, white papers, and more. 

Gartner research report: How to pilot GenAI – Access this complimentary Gartner research report to learn the five key steps to pilot generative AI and deliver maximum business impact. 

Gemini (formerly Bard) vs. ChatGPT: An in-depth analysis, with examples – In this informative blog post, we set Google’s GenAI solution up against Open AI’s ChaptGPT. Who comes out ahead? Spoiler alert: it depends. This resource should help you better understand the nuances of these popular GenAI solutions.

Generative AI and Change Management: 4 important factors in adopting GenAI tools – This blog post from SADA Director of Organizational Change Management Veronica Raulin walks you through the challenges and opportunities of establishing a strong GenAI practice in your organization.

The top 3 cloud security priorities for 2024 + Generative AI security essentials, by Rocky Giglio, SADA Director, Security GTM and Solutions – SADA’s preeminent expert on all things related to cloud security offers his insights into how to safely maintain the acceleration of AI.


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