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SADA Systems Releases Email Image Filtering Tool for Google Apps


The SADA team is excited to announce the launch of a new tool that helps organizations proactively monitor, control and protect the flow of the content in emails sent to and received by recipients: Email Image Filtering Tool for Google Apps!

Originally built to help our clients in education monitor sensitive content in emails sent to and from students, Email Image Filtering Tool is powered by Google App Engine and built with scalability in mind. SADA’s Email Image Filtering Tool can efficiently process up to tens of thousands of messages a day, and is a fast and robust solution that is scalable according to the number of messages you need processed. The tool is the perfect solution for K-12 institutions as well as large enterprise and government organizations with strict HR policies who need an effective solution to monitor email content, with easy integration and minimal training. Any emails found containing offensive images are forwarded to the chosen administrator(s) in the organization who can evaluate the content of the email(s) and determine what action needs to be taken.


SADA will manage the the configuration of the tool in its entirety, and offers assistance with the configuration of most mail servers to forward a copy of all messages to our own servers, where the messages will be processed. SADA’s Email Image Filtering Tool leverages Google App Engine, so that the tool’s processes occur in the cloud, and there is no operational dependency on physical infrastructure. Additionally, the tool is compatible on any platform, including Google Apps.


To learn more about SADA’s Email Image Filtering Tool, please contact googlesales@sadadev.wpengine.com or visit our website for more information.

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