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By Leilani Alvarez

If you’re not a “techie” person and you work for a Google Cloud partner, understanding fundamental cloud computing concepts can be a bit daunting. A swirl of acronyms, software lingo, and insider terminology can often leave you feeling left out of the cool crowd. At SADA, we’ve developed a unique new training program called HERCloud to address this challenge.

What if you’re not at Cloud Computing 101 level? What if you’re starting at 1? And imagine coupling this learning curve with a business model that revolves around selling solutions based on these concepts. Candidly speaking for myself as a non-techie team member, my learning curve was more of a straight line upward.

According to CIO Magazine’s “Women in tech statistics: The hard truths of an uphill battle,” roughly 25% (or less) of women work in technical roles. Think about how much more effective technical organizations would become if they found a way to bridge fundamental knowledge gaps for those remaining 75% of women. Team members operating in each segment of the business would be empowered with enough technical acumen to put their day-to-day workloads into perspective. In short, it would make understanding the “why” more accessible. And – we all know, understanding our “why” enhances our execution of the “how.”

SADA’s office of the CTO launched the HERCloud certification program to provide a vehicle for understanding cloud computing fundamentals and SADA’s business model. Our team is particularly passionate about overarching solutions that build on all aspects of the business for radical progress and innovation. 

HERCloud operates with three core values always top of mind:

  1. Do not underestimate the power of NOT knowing  

Every invention, innovation, and iteration starts with a question. And while there are no “silly” questions, somehow we manage to assume that our question will be the “silly” question that disproves this claim. But think about how silly it was for someone to question whether electricity could be harnessed in a glass bulb as an alternative  to candlelight.  

  1. Do not overestimate what you think other people know

Yes, imposter syndrome is a real thing that impacts women especially, but it’s only as real as WE make it. You should assume that anything another person knows can be understood, even at the most basic level. All technical concepts are learnable and accessible. Don’t buy into the illusion of the “smartest person in the room.”

  1. If you want to learn something, teach it

The goal of HERCloud is for everyone to feel empowered by what they learn. More than that, we want participants to complete the program with the goal of teaching what they learned to future HERCloud cohorts. This means paying knowledge forward in an empathetic, storytelling style of learning to help other team members do the same.

So far, we’ve completed module 1, Why is Cloud, and module 2, Basic Concepts Inside the Cloud.  All five modules are taught live and provide plenty of resources to reinforce the topics we explore. Upon completion of each module, team members receive a SADA certification that recognizes their basic understanding of the cloud and how it relates to SADA’s business model and mission.  

The tech industry has so much to offer and working at SADA in the Google Cloud partner ecosystem is beyond cool. Engaging the technology we use and sell, empowered with knowledge, is how we become better and move forward together as a team. In the words of Susan Wojciki, CEO of YouTube, “I always like to remind women that you don’t need to have science or technology degrees to build a career in tech.”

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