SADA Turns 20! Reflections & What the Future Holds

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By Tony Safoian | CEO

On August 16th, 2020, SADA turns the page on 20 years of existence. In any other year, we would bring in our 20th anniversary with a grand celebration. We would host a huge party, with hundreds of our closest friends, customers, and partners. But, this year, circumstances deem it necessary to replace our usual jubilee with something entirely different. Out of this global pandemic, we can’t help but reflect on some of the most profound social and economic challenges that many of us have ever faced.  

To honor our 20th anniversary, our contribution to our people, our partners and the ecosystem, I felt inspired to highlight my gratitude for everyone in the SADA family past, present and future and to share my reflections on how we got here, what we’ve learned, and what’s next. 

SADA started out from humble, family-owned-and-operated beginnings to growing over 65% CAGR for 15+ years, and it’s fair to say that we never expected to get here. It took a ton of grit and hard work not only from the family but from each and every employee that has passed through the doors of SADA. Through the foundation of everyone’s tireless work, we were able to capitalize on incredible timing and yes, some luck. For that, I AM VERY GRATEFUL! Nevertheless, after 20 years in business, we’re just getting started.

Throughout this experience, one thing has been consistent – the absolute desire and commitment to be ‘best in class’ in everything we do – that was there in the beginning, and is paramount today. Along this journey, we’ve learned a few things that I, at least right now, believe to be universal truths. I wrote down these reflections and recorded them as an audiobook for the 60th episode of our Cloud n Clear Podcast. Listen to the podcast or read the article on LinkedIn to learn about these 8 universal truths, the vast amount of impactful work we’ve done so far, and why I feel we have lots more to do.


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