A 4-week series that shines a light on Google Workspace's major transformation

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You’re invited to enroll in a FREE, on-demand , four-week series on Workspace, offered by industry experts at SADA and Google Cloud. Learn about the powerful new user interface, explore how to get the most out of hybrid work, and dive deep into new and improved security features. You’ll also hear from current SADA and Google Cloud customers on how Google Workspace can boost productivity and enhance collaboration for teams of all sizes.

This isn't the tool you think you know. You'll want to see how Google Workspace has had a major glow up.

Who should sign up

- Line of business personnel looking to empower employees with powerful new Workspace features
- Anyone interested in learning more about Google Workspace

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Course Overview

Each session provides hands-on training and guidance by leading SADA and Google Cloud engineers. By the end of this four-week course, you will master the new interface, find the right solutions for your hybrid work strategy, and learn which powerful new security features are best for your organization.

- Week 1 - Intro to Google Workspace - the glam new UI
- Week 2 - Hybrid work is the new work
- Week 3 - Beefed up security
- Week 4 - Working better, together. A panel with SADA's customers


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Chad Pierce

Head of Architecture and Solutions, WeWork
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Joey Levi

VP of Pre-Sales, LumApps


Intro to Workspace - the glam new UI

Explore the new user interface that integrates  Workspace apps into Gmail. Enjoy easier access to Chat/Spaces conversations and Google Meet meetings. This new interface also allows users to open files within Gmail through a pop-out window, and provides end users a new way to quickly work on files without exiting Gmail and easily navigate without  using multiple monitors.

Hybrid work is the new work

As organizations begin to transition back to the office, hybrid work between the office and home is more common than ever. Join us as we discuss our favorite Google Workspace features for effective collaboration in a hybrid environment.

Beefed up security

Join us as we highlight recent advances to the security capabilities of Google Workspace. We'll highlight items such as DLP/IRM for Drive and new capabilities in logging and context aware access.

Working better, together. A panel with SADA's customers

Join us as we discuss the transformation journey that our SADA customer's have taken. Each with their own unique journey, we walk through what made them want to move to Google Workspace, how their users have changed the way they work for the better, and how their IT teams have leveled up.


Hybrid, remote, mobile, in-person, flexible, you name it–the new way to work is here to stay. Google Workspace empowers these new modes of productivity with a major glow-up, featuring tools optimized for remote collaboration and seamless communication

Google Workspace includes tools well beyond Gmail and Calendar. Now you can access new features with professional versions of Google Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more, with a single, easy to manage subscription that includes automatic updates.

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