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Cloud Security Assessment

Ready to fully leverage Google Cloud Platform’s security features? We’re here to help. Our Cloud Security Assessment is designed to evaluate your existing security posture to ensure it is in line with the best practices of the platform.

Build a Secure Foundation With SADA and Google Cloud

When it comes to protecting your cloud environment, you need a partner who sets the bar higher. As an award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA provides businesses with the resources and expertise needed to secure modern infrastructures. Our security-first mindset is why leading companies trust us to help them stay ahead of the security curve by leveraging Google Cloud’s cutting-edge solutions.

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Fully Scalable Security Analytics

Google Cloud’s security analytics provide an elastic container for storing massive volumes of enterprise security telemetry.

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Up-to-Date Intelligence

With data on more than a million unsafe URLs, Google Cloud’s user protection services stay current by examining billions of URLs every day.

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Rapid Deployment

With cloud-based security, new analytics and protection services can be spun up in hours or even minutes.

Detect, Investigate, and Stop Threats With Google Cloud

Meet your policy requirements and protect your critical assets with Google Cloud’s world-class security products and capabilities.

  • Application Security

    Google Cloud’s application security solutions enable you to protect your apps from spam, abuse, and fraudulent activities. Detect malicious URLs on your website and in client applications with Web Risk API. Defend your website against scraping, credential stuffing, and automated account creation and help avert costly exploits from malicious automated bots.

  • Security Analytics and Operation

    Rapidly investigate security threats with Chronicle, a global security telemetry platform for investigation and threat hunting within your enterprise network. Enjoy the benefits of high-speed analytics, intelligent identification, and massive scale without the management pain.

  • BeyondCorp Remote Access

    With the rise in remote work, it’s more important than ever to secure your most important applications and data. BeyondCorp Remote Access enables responsive and easy-to-use access to internal web apps for employees and the extended workforce from virtually any device, anywhere using a web browser without a traditional VPN.

Transformation Success With the Right Partner

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Cloud Consulting

Expert consultative and strategic business services to help you understand the complexities, opportunities and benefits involved in cloud adoption.

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Cloud Migration

SADA will help get your data and applications into the cloud, so they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

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Infrastructure Services

Count on our team of experienced IT professionals to provide you with flexible, scalable and secure systems so you can focus on innovation.

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App Development

Design and development experts build powerful, high-performance applications designed with your customers and business objectives in mind.

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Change Management

Technological changes can challenge your workforce and hinder user adoption. Ensure your transformation is successful with expert enterprise consultants and certified trainers.

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Managed Services

Rely on award-winning IT and Cloud Managed Services to proactively manage, monitor and maintain a secure, disaster-free environment with exceptional support services.

With over 20 years of proven expertise in technical consultation and related services, SADA has become the go-to partner for successful business transformation and IT modernization. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with multiple specializations, SADA has served over 3000 clients and migrated over 25 million users to the cloud.

Customer Success Story: DroneDeploy

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Compliance and security are easier on GCP.

“Some of our quarterly compliance requirements weren’t possible before, like rolling all of our machines to make sure they have all the latest patches. Now, we just do them. It’s also great to be able to use the same infrastructure and IAM management as we do on G Suite. We can use SSO for both GCP and G Suite. G Suite acts as the source of truth, and everything derives from that. Security is very complicated, but Google makes it easy.”

—Joseph Mente, Engineering Manager, DevOps, DroneDeploy

Insights & Updates

Our team comes out with weekly content on topics that cover the entire Google Cloud ecosystem. From security best practices to new innovations in the cloud, we’ll keep you up to date on the industry’s trending topics.

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SADA Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification

SADA Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification

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6 Reasons to Use BeyondCorp Remote Access to Accommodate the COVID-19 Workforce

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Connecting to MS SQL on Compute in GCP Using Cloud IAP

Connecting to MS SQL on Compute in GCP Using Cloud IAP

Moving to the BeyondCorp Model with Cloud IAP

Moving to the BeyondCorp Model With Cloud IAP and IAP Connector

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions to Fit Your Unique Business and Industry Needs

As one of the first Google Cloud launch partners, SADA's expertise spans the entire Google Cloud portfolio of products. Today, we are a global Google Cloud Premier Partner and a multi-year Partner of the Year Award recipient with a certified team of cloud experts to help you transform your business. No matter your business objective or your industry, we can help you find the right solution to enable your company to participate fully in the digital economy. 

Business Objective

Whether you’re looking to modernize your infrastructure, accelerate application development, improve productivity and collaboration, or better manage and optimize your data, SADA has a solution to fit your organization’s needs.


Whatever your challenge or use case, SADA’s expertise spans across all industries. Learn more about how our enterprise-grade solutions can help your organization gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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Google Cloud

With the world’s largest global private cloud network, Google Cloud has the tools to modernize your entire business with scalable and flexible solutions.

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