Cloud transformation tour

Woman on trail admiring the sunset with clouds and fog.

Immerse yourself in an exclusive, in-depth cloud knowledge exchange.

Understanding today’s state of cloud innovation now is critical to making it work for your business. Join SADA and Google cloud experts and innovators who’ve raised the bar for a day packed with insight, demos, and ah-ha moments about:

  • Collaboration tools that bring teams together. 
  • Cloud security for complex multicloud environments.
  • Infrastructure evolution to scale seamlessly.
  • Unleash ML & generative AI for decisive insights.

Tour Destinations


Improve Generative AI storytelling with insights hidden in your data

Data-driven insights make the difference between businesses that scale and those that fall behind. The time is right to modernize your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to reveal the true potential of your data and lay the groundwork for enhanced analytics, real-time decision-making, and robust data governance. How can your organization leverage Gen AI to better communicate data driven recommendations?

Enterprise transformation with Google Workspace and Duet AI

We’ve all heard the term generative AI, but what does it mean for your business? This session unpacks all the ways that Google’s generative AI solutions, including Duet AI, can make a serious impact on your productivity and collaboration strategies, from establishing clear radmaps to designing custom workflows to fit your business.

Is your cloud security posture ready to meet the Gen AI challenge?

The generative AI explosion brings both promise and peril to the security landscape. Threat actors are already exploiting GenAI to evolve social engineering, fraud, app hijacking, and phishing attacks. Learn how your organization can protect against these evolving threats and leverage newly developed tools to ward against a range of attacks.

Navigating the multiverse: strategies for multicloud success

What opportunities and challenges arise when you pursue a multicloud strategy? Join us to navigate the complexities and opportunities presented by the multicloud landscape. We’ll explore how businesses are finding benefits in a variety of cloud hyperscalers, as well as the patterns that are emerging in multicloud products and operations.


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