3 key takeaways from SADA’s ISV Alliance Partner Panel

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

For cloud native companies and independent software vendors (ISVs), choosing the right cloud platform and the right partner to scale your business is important and impactful. A strong partnership can help by accelerating customer acquisition, broadening your marketing platform, and streamlining your operations. To help ISVs achieve more, SADA launched a SaaS Alliance Program that addresses their unique needs. Recently, we hosted an ISV Alliance Partner Panel featuring executives from Quantum Metric, Cysiv and PacketFabric. Moderated by SADA’s CTO, Miles Ward, the highly informative panel provided viewers with firsthand testimonials from these innovators across the analytics, security and networking space and gave insight into their decision to build on Google Cloud with SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program go-to-market support. Here are 3 key takeaways from the panel:

1. Google Cloud helps SaaS companies unleash their full potential

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was designed to provide affordable, manageable access to the full power and potential of the cloud while ensuring that organizations maintain control and avoid vendor lock-in. SADA’s proven results from our partnerships with SaaS organizations illustrate that GCP is the cloud platform of choice for businesses that are ready to build what’s next. Whether you want to accelerate innovation, increase efficiency and agility, or make the most of your data, Google Cloud helps SaaS companies meet their business challenges head-on. 

When asked why they picked GCP as their cloud of choice, the ISV panel speakers reiterated these benefits, citing things like global connectivity, pricing, commitment to open source, and access to game-changing services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Those are just some of the many benefits of utilizing GCP, and when you’re maximizing the platform to its fullest extent, you can leverage it to unleash your organization’s full potential. Justin Foster, CTO, Cysiv, really summed it up during the panel discussion when he stated, “What Google Cloud did for us was it really unlocked the art of possibility…Our company would probably not exist if we had run in any other cloud because of disk write speed, network speeds, [and costs]…It unlocked a new way for us to do business.” Foster specifically credited BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless, cost-effective, and multicloud data warehouse, when he stated, “I can remember the day we switched over to BigQuery because it’s the day our business unlocked.” 

2. SADA + SaaS companies = Better together

Launching a SaaS product in today’s competitive market is challenging enough without the added pressure of having to raise awareness, find sales leads and close deals. Doing so while simultaneously trying to figure out how to work with the top cloud providers is even more difficult. This is why SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program exists—to make these tasks easier and more cost-effective.

When asked why they decided to partner with SADA, the panel’s participants delved into several reasons. Jezzibell Gilmore, CCO & Co-founder, PacketFabric, stated, “SADA is one of the easiest partners to work with, and with a deep enterprise customer base, we share a common vision with SADA – which is to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, hence why we’re a part of the SaaS Alliance Program. SADA has a deep understanding of each piece of technology in the value chain, and also has such a deep appreciation for the value that we bring to cloud adoption…It makes it a no-brainer for us to be working and partnered with SADA.”

Foster added to that, explaining how the SaaS Alliance partnership with SADA provides:

  • Enhanced support
  • Access to Google product managers that enables a better understanding of new roadmap features
  • Access to subject matter experts (SMEs) 
  • Advice on architecture
  • Value-added go-to-market activities

Mario Ciabarra, CEO, Quantum Metric, stated that the decision to partner with SADA was largely due to the fact that “SADA is the #1 Google partner.” But he delved even further into why he appreciates the partnership when he said, “I’ve really come to find that business is truly about people. Find me someone at SADA that I dislike—I dare you to. You just won’t find it…At the end of the day, it’s all about people, and SADA’s got some of the best.”

3. SADA and SaaS Alliance Partners are helping joint customers achieve success

Gilmore summarized this point best with an anecdote she shared:

“We absolutely love working with SADA, and I think our joint customers would agree with me. I’ll give you an example: We recently launched a hundred gig cloud router product that allows us to help our customers migrate data between clouds without hairpinning that traffic through their own network. When we launched that, we weren’t sure how many people would really find that to be useful, and we weren’t able to get that message out right away to the market. SADA saw the use case, and brought us immediately to their customer base. We have incredible results, and the data shows itself and reveals the ability to move services from one cloud service to another at such speed to help our joint customers achieve success. That is such a satisfying experience – having a brand new product going out the door and having a customer utilizing it to its maximum capacity.”

Ciabarra agreed, stating, “It’s really about how we can put these products and solutions together to solve our customers’ challenges. That’s why we all do what we do; we’re here to solve our customers’ challenges, and it does work better when we have support from SADA.”

View the ISV Alliance Partner Panel on demand

Missed the live panel? It’s not too late. Check out the on-demand recording to hear more about the benefits of SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program.

View the ISV Alliance Partner Panel on demand

Missed the live panel? It’s not too late. Check out the on-demand recording to hear more about the benefits of SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program.


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