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SADA Systems announces the availability of a new service: Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform! This latest offering takes advantage of Google’s recent announcement that it will support Windows Server 2008 R2 in Google Compute Engine, in addition to reduced pricing, discounts and other improvements to Google Cloud Platform productsGCP logo

Our team is able to leverage our experience developing solutions utilizing Google Cloud Platform products to alleviate infrastructure burdens across a wide range of organizations ranging from large commercial enterprises, to the public sector and education, as well as small to mid-sized companies. Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform is made up of 3 phases that lead to the successful implementation of a customized infrastructure solution leveraging Google Cloud Platform’s solution stack, including Google Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and more.

Phase 1: Discovery

The first phase of SADA’s Infrastructure Migration service is a consultative pain point discovery process, where a dedicated solutions engineer will work with the client to assess whether Google Cloud Platform is an appropriate business fit for the client’s needs.

Phase 2: Solutions Design

Following the pain point discovery is solutions design, where the SADA Systems team will architect a customized solution using different products in the Google Cloud Platform stack to address the identified pain points or business needs.

A custom solution built by SADA will alleviate the infrastructure costs and security concerns associated with data storage, as well as the development of a scalable, cloud-based solution to support the launch of a new service or application. SADA Systems is also able to build solutions that allow organizations to work with big data while reducing the time, complexity and cost associated with traditional big data analysis solutions.

Cost comparison for Google Compute Engine, taken from The Wall Street Journal

Phase 3: Implementation

The final phase of the service is the implementation of the solution, where SADA Systems works to build the solution in accordance to the specified design, or SADA will perform an infrastructure migration to the cloud with Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL or Compute Engine. SADA Systems will also work with the client’s technical teams to ensure that the implemented solution will be used to its optimal potential, with technical training services.

Taken from a recent press release: “We believe that organizations should use technologies that scale and adapt to their evolving infrastructure needs,” said Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA Systems. “Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform is an extremely exciting service that gives our clients access to a set of cutting edge infrastructure and platform solutions, helping them rethink IT in general, while transforming the way they work.”

SADA Systems was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article featuring our work with GCP!

Additionally, SADA is approved for Google’s exclusive Cloud Platform partner promotional program and can offer $500 off your Cloud Platform usage – since the cost for Google Cloud Platform is already so minimal, this discount goes a long way. Contact us to learn more about how to receive this $500 credit towards your services (available only through an approved partner).

Learn more about our Infrastructure Migration to Google Cloud Platform services by visiting our website.

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