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user-adoption-graphicSADA Systems is pleased to announce a new User Adoption Consulting program, a strategic framework that drives transformation in business processes, individual behaviors and organizational culture.

According to a 2014 study by the Association for Talent Management, 70% of organizational change initiatives end in failure. As a global leader in cloud computing and IT consultancy, SADA Systems has a proven track record in implementing visionary IT projects, transforming workflows and implementing tools allowing employees to work more freely, efficiently, and collaboratively in the cloud. Our goal with this new program is to drive user adoption, changing the everyday habits of employees to work more productively with new transformative cloud technology.

User Adoption Consulting is focused on solving business challenges, improving the migration experience and maximizing the ROI of IT projects. SADA’s comprehensive user adoption framework leverages the following strategy:

Phase 0 | Value Envisioning Workshop (VEW)


  • Create Vision
  • Identify Business Use Cases
  • Set Goals
  • Define Success Criteria

The Value Envisioning Workshop is the primary and most critical step in the user adoption program. This step involves a four hour onsite session where a variety of business executives (Marketing, HR, Operations, etc.) and our change management experts come together to create a vision for the organization. This comprehensive, structured conversation is built to generate insights on current business problems and set specific goals to help construct an adoption plan.

Phase 1 | Planning and Preparation

  • Secure Executive Sponsor
  • Engage User Adoption Labs
  • Construct User Adoption Plan
  • Create Customized Marketing and Communication Plan

During this phase, the user adoption plan is constructed and materialized to set the stage for success in the upcoming phases. The deliverables will be tailored to each organization’s individual needs, involving the user adoption labs and other engagements in order to construct a user adoption plan that maximizes business value.

Phase 2 | Awareness

  • Customized, Multi-Phase Communication Plans
  • Development of Marketing Materials
  • Deployment of Phase 1 Communication Plan

Company-wide awareness through effective communication is vital to the success of any transformative IT project. This step, guided by heavy involvement of SADA Systems’ change management consultants, involves deploying strategies and creating materials developed in the previous phase; the goal is to get the entire organization on board with the vision developed by the business executives during the Value Envisioning Workshop.

Phase 3 | Deploy

  • Resource Site
  • Onsite Training
  • Remote Webinar Training
  • Self-Paced E-Learning Modules

The deployment phase involves a variety of training methods, tailored to each individual organization’s needs, in order to teach employees, managers, and administrators how to use the new technology in order to accomplish their respective tasks more effectively.

Phase 4 | Measure & Iterate

  • Pre/Post Deployment Surveys
  • User Satisfaction Surveys
  • Success Metric Dashboard & Analysis
  • Regular Success Metric Reviews
  • Additional Labs

This phase is critical to realizing the true value and ROI of the IT project. This is where success criteria, such as employee sentiment or productivity improvements are defined and measured. This phase is also key for gathering success stories and determining future goals.
To learn more about SADA Systems’ User Adoption Consulting program, email us at [email protected] or click below to download a PDF for more information.


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