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SADA Systems recently announced our partnership with Twigkit, an innovative software built to optimize and transform search results generated by the Google Search Appliance into valuable, interactive customer insights.

The Google Search Appliance was built to reduce time employees spend searching for company data by bringing the power and familiarity of Google search to businesses, allowing users to find information across an organization’s various data repositories from one central access point: a Google search box.

While the Google Search Appliance makes it easier to find relevant company information, Twigkit’s software is designed to transform those search results into valuable customer insights, providing a 360-degree view of customers in order to enhance customer experience and help drive sales. With Twigkit integration, employees can also interact with search results; for example, a user can comment, bookmark, add keywords, and more–all from one central access point.

Watch a short “Know Your Customer” demo highlighting the capabilities of Twigkit’s software:

Twigkit provides organizations with the ability to search for customers or transactions and refine search results by choosing certain parameters in order to narrow down the most qualified results. Their platform has been optimized to be highly practical and user-friendly, making it easy for employees anywhere in the company to quickly locate and interact with relevant customer information.

As demonstrated in the video, here are some of the ways Twigkit software presents a comprehensive view of each customer:twigkit kyc account

  • Customer Search: Quickly search any individual customer, further qualifying results with customizable filters.
  • Customer Overview: View all relevant customer data, and view or make comments or notes on previous communication or transaction history.

  • Message Search: View history and search through all correspondence between the organization and the customer.

  • Transaction Search: Find a specific previous transaction, filtering by qualifications like amount range, date, and more.

To learn more about the capabilities of Google Search for Work, watch the following on-demand webinar or contact us at [email protected].

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