Canada embraces the cloud: Digital transformation in the True North

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Canadian companies and government organizations have taken naturally to the cloud, a platform that is fundamentally about sharing, security, and open-source thinking. 

Cloud adoption among Canadian companies is on an upward trajectory and shows no sign of slowing. A recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the Canadian Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector will reach $132.6 billion by 2025. This dramatic growth is expected to be dominated by cloud computing, core business applications, security, and customer experience.

The cloud computing industry has taken notice. In 2021, Google opened its Toronto region to better serve Canadian customers looking to capitalize on the industry’s greenest cloud. SADA, a Google Cloud Partner of the Year three years running, responded to the uptick in both cloud migrations and cloud-native companies by adding key cloud engineers and technical account management staff to serve Canadian companies specifically. 

SADA’s Toronto-based, Managing Director for Canada, Ben J. Abbey notes that Canadian companies are especially eager to embrace Google Cloud with a push for more and faster adoption. “In the past year, we’ve noticed a surge in interest among established companies who wish to migrate to the cloud and modernize the way they collaborate,” says Abbey. “Especially with the move towards remote work driven by the pandemic, companies are wanting to transform the way they work; this leads to both breakthrough employee satisfaction and the best possible customer outcomes. Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform are foundational to these objectives, and SADA’s success in our GCP and Workspace businesses are reflective of that of Google and our customers in Canada.” 

Among these forward-thinking enterprises is Axonify, a training platform company that made the leap to GCP from AWS with the help of SADA

Says Axonify’s Senior Vice President of Development Phil Menary, “We moved all of our data and compute resources from another cloud platform over to Google Cloud. It was extremely important to us that we could do this with almost zero downtime. SADA was a great partner, helping us work through the procedure and ensuring we didn’t make newbie mistakes on Google Cloud.”

Proving itself relevant to every industry vertical, Google Cloud, Workspace, and Maps have been compelling to a diverse assortment of Canadian business and governmental agencies. There’s Daisy Intelligence, specializing in automated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms that transform the retail insurance industries. Vancouver-based Sony Pictures Imageworks relies on Google Workspace to produce eye-popping content seen in cinemas worldwide, while Hydro Ottawa uses it to ensure that their customers’ lights stay on. 

“Canada’s diverse array of businesses in every province, from new video game studios to long-trusted retail operations, are coming to see that the cloud, particularly GCP, is secure, collaborative, and the place for businesses to grow,” says SADA CEO Tony Safoian. “At SADA, we’re constantly delighted to see the success of Canadian companies, and proud to play a part in making it happen. That’s why we’re all in and investing more of our energy in the dynamic Canadian market.”

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