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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Attention! As a Google Apps Migration takes the Gmail Offline capability to a Chrome web app, Google will deprecate the Google Gears-based Gmail Offline. This coincides with the upcoming release of the new Chrome browser which no longer supports Gears.
As a result, Google Gears-based Gmail Offline will:

No longer work with the Chrome browser as of Tuesday May 24, 2011.
No longer work with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari beginning in Q3

Browser Today After May 24 Early Summer
Google Chrome YES NO YES
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8 YES YES YES
Mozilla Firefox® 3.6 YES YES YES

Note: Updates of these versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers may affect Gears support, and therefore Gmail offline access.

What to do if you need offline support right now
Actions to take now: We recommend that you notify your users of the change to Gmail Offline and direct them to use one of the following options to continue to access their Gmail offline:

    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6
    • Microsoft IE 8
    • IMAP client (such as Thunderbird)
    • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (requires installation of client plugin)

Be sure that your users DO NOT UPDATE to later versions of Firefox and IE as the Google Gears Offline feature only works with Firefox 3.6 anf IE 8. Chrome support will return in Q3 with the release of the new Gmail Offline Chrome web app. It is recommended to have your IT users or early adopters try out the Gmail Offline application before transitioning your entire organization back to Chrome for offline access.

If you have more questions

Please visit this Help Center article for more information. Get time lines, tips and sample end-user communication emails to help you manage the upcoming changes.

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