Gartner: Windows is Collapsing; Microsoft Must Make Radical Changes

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Speaking at a Las Vegas conference Thursday, Gartner Research analysts Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald described as “untenable” Microsoft’s continuing challenges in developing future versions of the Windows operating system. Silver and Mac Donald predicted that if the Redmond, WA based company didn’t make “radical change” to Windows soon, they risked becoming a “has-been.”

In their presentation, the two analysts said Windows is “collapsing” and issued the following warning to Microsoft:

“Users want a smaller Windows that can run on low-priced — and low-powered — hardware. And increasingly, users work with “OS-agnostic applications,” the two analysts said in their presentation. It takes too long for Microsoft to build the next version, the company is being beaten by others (GOOG) in the innovation arena, and in the future — perhaps as soon as the next three years — it’s going to have trouble competing with Web applications and small, specialized devices.”

We’ve been working on and talking about this concept for quite some time. We call it ZEROi.

Our experience around the use and implementation of Google Apps and other software as a service platforms confirms this. Why have lots of expensive hardware, bloated software and even more bloated operating systems when clean, simple, elegant and robust alternatives will do the job?

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