SADA Systems Inc. Launches Next-Generation Computing Service: ZEROi

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Software-as-a-service and hardware-as-a-service are not brand new ideas in Information Technology. However, they are paving the way for an externally hosted network infrastructure, and SADA Systems Inc. is taking the lead with ZEROi. ZEROi is a hosted network platform capable of delivering a full workstation environment via the Internet. SADA’s solution is best suited to the small to medium business owner who needs to trim their IT expenditures, increase reliability, work from anywhere, and achieve the highest level of business continuity available.

“ZEROi can be likened to electricity,” says Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA Systems Inc. “In the early days of electricity, businesses were required to maintain their own generators. Now we order power from a service provider. We plug in, and we know it’s going to work.” Hosting the network infrastructure in a similar way solves many business problems, including the general problem most business face today in making Information Technology a constantly available, powerful tool that works on-demand.
Today’s standard network configurations require businesses to purchase and maintain a significant amount of network hardware and software. ZEROi significantly reduces these costs by hosting the network off-site. Minimal need for network maintenance and expensive hardware reduces a company’s need for on-site consultants. Since the end result is a more reliable computer environment, ZEROi increases the efficiency of the company’s information workers, trimming the cost of IT.

Security and recoverability are of paramount importance to business owners. Safoian comments, “We promise that ZEROi provides our clients with bulletproof security, and immediate disaster recovery.” SADA hosts the network environment in an ultra-secure data-center, monitors network access, and manages server back ups. In the event of a disaster SADA can restore network resources almost immediately through remote access control. “This translates to the highest and fastest return on investment of any solution,” says Safoian.

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