Google Cloud NEXT 2022: Can’t-miss SADA customer sessions

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

One of the great strengths of Google Cloud is how it empowers an ecosystem of innovation. Once you’ve migrated to the cloud, business as usual turns into business models no one could have predicted mere years ago. 

At SADA, we get a front-row seat to innovation as we empower customers to migrate and grow with Google Cloud. At this year’s Google Cloud NEXT, a number of SADA customers took to the spotlight to share their inspiring stories of cloud transformation, including SADA SaaS Alliance members MariaDB and Quantum Metric. We’re proud to share a few of the highlights. 


Web3 has arrived, with digital assets representing one of the most exciting, blockchain-driven innovations. In “Web3 conversations: A Journey into Digital Assets with Bullish,” Bullish Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales Michael Lau shares insights into partnering with Google Cloud to launch an institutional, security focused, regulated Digital Assets exchange and their journey to becoming one of the world’s fastest growing digital asset exchanges. For more Web3 insights, be sure to check out our case study and SADA’s recent announcement regarding acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Quantum Metric

Big data is a big deal, and few understand how to unleash its power like Quantum Metric. In the Google BigQuery + Quantum Metric Digital Analytics Workshop, Quantum Metric’s SVP of Engineering Adam Dille and Director of Product Marketing Trevor Pyle offer three ways to harness the power of big data and optimize the customer journey. And don’t miss “commercetools and Quantum Metric solve retail’s toughest challenges with Google Cloud,” an excellent panel session in which Quantum Metric Founder and CEO Mario Ciabarra is joined by commercetools Chief Strategy Officer Kelly Goetsch and Tina Liu, Google Cloud Sr. Partner Marketing Manager to discuss how to help retailers leverage the power of Google Cloud to better understand, engage, and activate customers.


MariaDB Product Manager Naman Shah joins Google Cloud Project Manager Akshay Ram for “Scaling stateful applications on GKE with ease,” an informative session on how customers deploy stateful applications on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), facilitating portability, economies of scale, and built-in orchestration capabilities. And don’t miss this podcast conversation between SADA Chief Marketing Officer Narine Galstian and MariaDB CMO Franz Aman about how the SaaS leader is unlocking the power of databases with Google Cloud.

Access these and even more on-demand sessions featured at Google Cloud NEXT 2022 here.


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