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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


If you’re an educational institution running off of Google Apps for Education, you won’t want to miss this webinar coming up in less than 2 weeks: Transform the Way You Teach with Google Sites for Education, on Wednesday, October 2nd at 11am PT.

A few months ago, we announced revamped Google Sites services packages to allow organizations of all sizes to take advantage of our expert Google Sites design and development skills. Now we’re honing in on education and focusing on how faculty and staff can creatively use Google Sites, both  in and out of the classroom, to improve teaching and learning methodologies as an affordable and dynamic solution.

Patrick Skoglund, Solutions Engineer at SADA, will demo how teachers and administrators can create customized websites, without any complicated codes! Attend the webinar and learn how to create project portfolios, administrative news sites and tailored class websites for parents and students alike!

Space is limited – register today!

Register today!


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