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SADAโ€™s Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction is important to every business, and SADA Systems is no exception. We want to know if our clients are happy with the service they are receiving. We need to know if theyโ€™re not. What we found was we had no system in place to capture these metrics. As a first step in solving this problem we created the Customer Instant Feedback Form. This is an automated form that goes out to our clients upon completion of a service or project. For more information about the Client Instant Feedback System see the blog post

Our Immediate Feedback system has been providing us with some great numbers, but we needed a way to represent these numbers visually. Hence, the Client Satisfaction Index was conceived. The idea behind the index was to provide SADA and our customers with a real time picture of how weโ€™re doing as a company. This information we share with our customers so they can see how other clients have rated our services. In this way SADA provides our clients and customers with an honest and transparent representation of how happy our clients are with what we do. To see the client satisfaction index, just visit our home page

Even when the percentage is high, the satisfaction index is not about bragging, but about showing our clients how far we have to go to get to 100%. Using the satisfaction index to gauge where we are as a company, and the Instant Feedback results to analyze customer input, we can identify and address areas that need improvement. At SADA we want to be perfect for our clients as much of the time as we can be.


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