Guiding employees through Google Apps migrations

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When organizations migrate to Google Apps, it can lead to fear, uncertainty, and confusion on the part of some employees. It is relatively easy to move data and applications onto the cloud. But human beings don’t always adjust to technology changes as easily.

In most migrations to Google Apps, the most important — and oftentimes most challenging — factor impacting project success is the human element.

So how do you move your employees to the clouds in the most effective way?

Although Google Apps have been designed for ease of use and productivity, it is always better to take your employees through a structured migration training program. Here are a few tips to help your employees understand your Google Apps migration.

    • Raise Awareness – Although email is the primary methods of communicating with everyone in the office, it not a fail-safe, especially when employees are extremely busy with high priority projects. It is always better to raise awareness of the migration to Google Apps by placing posters in elevators and cafeterias etc. If possible, conduct an information seminar to have a conversation with employees about the transition, and to make sure all their questions are answered.
    • Benefits – Remember to make the benefits of the migration clear to your employees. The migration will be more effective when employees understand the benefits that are in store for them once they adopt Google Apps.
    • Knowledge – Training sessions are crucial when the migration plan is ready for implementing. Training sessions will enable your employees to get used to the new applications and work practices. Proper training will make them ready to hit the ground running when the migration actually does take place. Training sessions should be made mandatory for all employees and the sessions should be tailored for every team according to their role and function.
    • Help Desk – Remember to implement a help desk to answer questions as they arise during migration. Employee to employee communication is important to ensure the cloud migration project is a success.
    • Encourage Innovation – Cloud computing solutions are flexible and and provide a mechanism for innovation and growth. Encourage your employees to identify new areas to use Google Apps for faster innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving.


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