SADA at Google Cloud NEXT ’22: security, equity, and the future of work

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Professionals in every industry have been tuning in to Google Cloud NEXT 2022, the global event that’s showcasing innovations that are poised to drive the future. From AI to security to Web3, this year’s premiere cloud transformation event has been a feast of new ideas. 

As a multiple-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year, SADA lives and breathes the solutions that transform businesses and spark innovation. This year, we contributed three on-demand sessions that highlight areas that are of particular importance to SADA and our customers–cloud security, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and productivity and collaboration preferences in today’s emerging workforce. 

You’re invited to tune in and enjoy these sessions and more, here

1. Empowering teams through DEI Initiatives

“We understand that true equity only happens with an economic component to our DEI efforts.”

Sandy Hogan, Chief Revenue Officer

SADA’s Sandy Hogan joins Prem Iyer, VP Business Development, Palo Alto Networks and Roshni Joshi, Customer Engineering Director, Google Cloud, to discuss how they are inspiring their spheres of influence to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. At SADA, DEI is woven into the fabric of everyday business, and cultural awareness has become even more crucial as we’ve expanded globally. 

2. Confidence in security

“It starts with design. We have to think about security from inception, from that very first moment when we came up with our amazing new widget that’s going to solve the world’s problems. When we get to that design phase, right there in the beginning, stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200–that is when you need to start thinking about security.”

John Giglio, Senior Manager, Cloud Security

As workforces increasingly embrace remote, hybrid, and multicloud strategies, risk assessment and mitigation invariably gets more complicated. Security is more important than ever. In this session, SADA’s John Giglio explores the fundamentals of secure collaboration, secure development, secure infrastructure and secure analytics. 

3. Tomorrow’s workforce wants Workspace: survey reveals strong Google preferences

“As an innovation-oriented company, we recognize that collaboration is where innovation occurs.”

Michael Ames, Managing Director, Vertical Markets

SADA recently worked with a third-party polling firm to conduct a survey of American college students on their preferences for collaboration and productivity tools. Michael Ames and John Veltri, SADA’s Managing Sales Director, Google Workspace and Maps dig into the results. The striking preferences revealed in the survey paint a picture of a whole new generation of professionals with strong opinions on the future of work.
Google Cloud NEXT continues with another day of insightful programming scheduled for October 14. Be sure to tune in here to watch live and recorded sessions.


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