SADA Launches “Flat-Rate” Services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Customers



Four new packaged offerings at a flat rate are designed to help customers migrate to GCP faster and better, and with greater cost certainty 

SADA is excited to announce new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Flat-Rate Packaged Offers for companies adopting GCP. The four new pre-packaged offerings include:

This package is for companies eager to experience Google Anthos for 90 days. On the hardware side it includes custom-specified portable or rack-mounted compute infrastructure, purpose built for Anthos and the demanding modern workloads it supports. The software includes Google Anthos, VMware vCenter 6.5 and F5 Big-IP Virtual Edition. SADA will provide on-site installation of hardware, configure networking and software components at customer locations, as well as a hands-on lab, prep for Kubernetes courses, and an Anthos/Kubernetes-trained helpdesk.

This package is essentially Phase 2 of a customer’s Anthos implementation, refining a PoC environment into production-ready infrastructure for a full year. It includes everything from Anthos First Step as well as identification of production goals and stakeholders for readiness reviews, any additional equipment delivery and validation, systems integration, connectivity and storage configuration. It also includes integration with networking, security, and monitoring/reporting tooling, buildout of an ops runbook, and integration with CI/CD tooling and container deployment tests. Finally, it includes user-acceptance testing and production support for usage of Anthos. 

SADA will migrate customer’s VMs to GCP with this package. Customers get set-up of Velostrata appliances at existing AWS or VMware hosts and set-up of GCP, IAM, VPC and their Google Compute Engine environment. They also receive secure connectivity between their target and destination environments, and hands-on management of the migration and deployment of their VMs. SADA will also provide GCP 101 and GCE training. 

In this package, SADA will migrate a customer’s database infrastructure to GCP. SADA will create a detailed runbook and execution plan, provide hands-on support for data, schema, query, and access migration, powered by tooling from Alooma or Striim. We also include security, HA, performance, and compatibility testing for a customer’s database applications. In addition, SADA will provide GCP account setup/configuration, hands-on lab/training and named/dedicated support for white-glove migration experience. 

Each of the services are available for a flat price and fixed time, providing customers with clarity and confidence as they move data and applications to the public cloud.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and the Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year, SADA has achieved GCP Specializations in Infrastructure, Location-Based Services and Work Transformation. SADA provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of GCP services, ranging from consultation and assessment to planning, implementation, customization, development, change management and managed services.

“Anthos is going to be incredible for enterprise companies, but many are still trying to figure out how to use it. SADA is laser-focused on helping customers take advantage of this ground-breaking technology, without having to figure it all out on their own. No matter if you want to start with Anthos, Databases, or VMs: our new packages have been carefully designed to get customers to GCP on a fixed price and timeline. We think these predictable, low-risk services are going to be game-changers for every company considering Google infrastructure.”

Miles Ward, CTO at SADA

SADA will be highlighting the new offerings during Google Cloud Summit in Seattle on September 17th at the Washington State Convention Center. SADA CTO, Miles Ward, will lead a session on “Anthos in the Real World” at 1:30 p.m. The session will include a demo and cover the benefits of SADA’s new packaged offerings. More information about the sessions can be found here and at SADA’s booth, #S01.

SADA’s new “Flat-Rate” offerings reflect the company’s leadership and innovation as a Google Cloud-only business.

“Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud are key strategic initiatives for the vast majority of enterprises today. But delivery, set-up, education, guidance, training and support are still critical to harnessing the power of these technologies. Companies need partners they can trust, people with the knowledge, experience and relationships to guide their transformations from analog to digital-first businesses. When it comes to GCP, SADA is an authority. We are excited about our new services and look forward to helping our customers grow faster and become more innovative with GCP as their underlying tech infrastructure.”

Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA.

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