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This post is a recap of SADA Systems’ All Hands 2016 - a week where everyone at the company comes together from all corners of the nation, including our partners, to materialize our strategy for the upcoming year. It’s an “all hands on deck” mindset - where we plan, review, celebrate, and set new goals for our teams.

Day 1 - #Ownership
SADA Systems Ownership 2016Engagement is best demonstrated through ownership, and that’s our theme for 2016. SADA is restructuring our practice models in order to make it easier for our employees to have the freedom and autonomy to truly own their processes and customer relationships.
SADA is also doing something extremely rare among private, family-owned organizations - the Safoian family is giving Stock Appreciation Rights to every employee. In the spirit of true ownership, this new employee incentive not only aligns with our core values, but it is our way of saying “Thank You” and rewarding those employees with long term contribution and loyalty.
We were pleased to announce that we are continuing our unlimited PTO policy and professional development programs, we are also expanding our catered lunches - adding a greater variety of healthier options make sure our team members have what they need to focus, grow and be successful.

Day 2 - Microsoft

Another vital aspect of our All Hands week is our partnerships. We were thrilled to have many representatives from the Microsoft team present their strategy for this upcoming year and how we are aligned for success. Satya Nadella’s vision for Microsoft shone through in those presentations and conversations, to “reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the plan to do more and achieve more.” Our focus at SADA has really shifted to the success at the individual, end-user level this past year, and will continue to do so with unique programs like User Adoption Consulting, which helps our customers drive transformation and effectiveness through technology.
We want to be our customers’ strategic partner. So far, SADA has mostly fostered great relationships with our customers’ IT teams. However, particularly in light of new additions to our practices this year, such as Dynamics CRM and Skype for Business, our focus will be on connecting with leaders across all lines of business to help drive innovation and guide overall business strategy. SADA will also be expanding our Power BI offering by designing data analytics packages tailored to specific verticals. This will empower our customers by delivering business intelligence to solve the unique challenges of each industry.

SADA Google Maps Partner of the Year 2015Day 3 - Google
As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we were honored to have key representatives from Google join us for a full day of sessions focused on G Suite, Google Search for Work and Google Maps for Work. Guest speakers outlined key business strategies and product roadmaps, while showering SADA Systems with accolades on amazing achievements in 2015. We were also thrilled to be recognized as the 2015 Google Maps for Work U.S. Partner of the Year, recognizing 240% overall growth of our Google Maps practice over the past year.

Day 4 - Recognition and Celebration
The industry and our partners has noticed our growth and accomplishments. This past year we were honored to receive multiple industry and partner awards - A couple we’re the most proud of are the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies (for our eighth time!) which recognized us for 3-year 232% growth, and Los Angeles Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.
SADA also has a unique differentiator as a cloud solutions provider in that we are a premier partner for both Google and Microsoft cloud solutions. Named Microsoft Partner of the Year for Cloud Solutions as well as Global Google Maps Partner of the Year, we are able to provide IT stakeholders expert technical and infrastructure consultation as well as strategic business and transformation advisement for business decision makers looking to advance and grow their business.
SADA SyOur staff’s contribution to our YoY growth is unrivaled and we welcome the opportunity do the right thing by our employees have brought in exceptional value...Vegas here we come!
Since we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, our Lip Sync Battle kicked off a memorable night followed by a rave-themed party - in honor of one of our favorite core values, Make Them Rave.
A huge thanks to our customers, partners and friends for your incredible support throughout the years. We’re going to #own 2016.


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