Safeguarding data, customers, and teams: 7 cybersecurity success stories

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When it comes to cybersecurity, every business has unique needs that can’t be addressed by a one-size-fits-all solution. Regulatory requirements in specific industries and an evolving workforce that operates remotely, in the office, or some combination of the thereof means that every organization doing business requires security guidance that’s tailored to specific use cases and attack vectors.

SADA’s security experts have guided businesses of every size and in every industry toward developing robust, future-proof security strategies built for the cloud. Starting with assessments that cover every inch of an organization’s attack surfaces, your dedicated SADA team empowers your IT teams with detailed plans and resources that take advantage of best security practices and ensure compliance.

From zero-trust security to cloud security posture management and security operations, SADA security experts are versed on emerging security practices that relieve your internal IT teams from having to resolve breaches and mitigate against attacks. Following are just seven examples of SADA’s security success stories.

1. Revionics gets a big picture view of their cloud with security assessment 

Revionics, a provider of science-based solutions for pricing, promotions, markdowns, and advanced analytics for lifecycle pricing optimization, wanted to assure their customers that the AI-powered solutions they deliver via the cloud are secure. After completing a migration to the cloud from on-prem, Revionics wanted to get a baseline understanding of their security posture.

Over five weeks, SADA executed the cloud security assessment to determine the security status of Revionics’ Google Cloud infrastructure, providing the company with a more granular view of their profile. As a result, Revionics pinpointed opportunities for quick-win improvements, gained an understanding of longer-term security policy changes, aggregated results into a single numerical score, and more.

2. Mobile gaming leader Kabam levels up defenses with security deep dive

Gaming company Kabam had been running on Google Cloud since 2017, and mostly worked internally to protect their games and gamers from security threats. When they wanted to tap a neutral third party to evaluate their overall security, they reached out to SADA for guidance. Across ten domains of security, SADA assessed Kabam’s strategy, documented the results and associated recommendations, and provided a detailed report to key stakeholders.

Among various positive outcomes of the engagement, Kabam was able to target two critical security issues for fast remediation and baseline their security against the overall software industry.

3. Castlight Health makes healthcare more secure with Google Chronicle

Castlight Health, a leading healthcare navigation company, operates numerous business systems. With up to 250 security alerts per day from systems, including email directories, CRM solutions, office productivity suites, and threat detection/prevention applications, their security team was managing multiple panes of glass to maintain visibility of the entire attack surface. They wanted a single, unified pane of glass to better understand the relationship among all these data points, in real time.

Their dedicated SADA team got to work on a solution tailored to the high-security healthcare ecosystem. With SADA’s guidance, Castlight Health was able to consolidate 100% of on-prem and cloud security data in a single source of truth and free 50% of their security team’s time for tasks other than responding to alerts.

4. Cysiv delivers Security Operations Center-as-a-service offering

Cysiv combines its cloud-native and data-science- and automation-driven next-gen SIEM platform with vendor-agnostic data support, comprehensive cyber intel, and remote experts. With cloud platforms becoming more attainable and secure, Cysiv thought it was only logical to start their security information and event management (SIEM) solution in the cloud.

The company successfully deployed Cysiv Command, the company’s SOC technology platform, built to take advantage of multi-tenant GKE and BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless multi-cloud data warehouse. With help from SADA and Google Cloud, Cysiv obtained 99.95% uptime and gained the capacity to ingest up to 3.8 million security events per second, per project on BigQuery.

5. University-affiliated research lab defends America from hackers

To combat the cyberthreat to computer chips, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a US Department of Defense agency, awarded the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS), (a University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) based at the University of Maryland), a four-year contract to independently verify and validate the technology to develop secure microchips as part of the Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon Program (AISS).

For phase 1 of the AISS project, SADA helped stand up 15 private subnets for the participating organizations to perform their work. SADA also set up login server access to shared application services such as EDA tools and source code management repositories. This allowed them to successfully onboard over 100 security researchers across 15 high-profile public and private organizations.

6. Hydro Ottawa delivers a secure and productive environment

When a nation’s capital depends on a critical public utility to keep the lights on, upgrading key support systems leaves no margin for error. Hydro Ottawa confronted the perfect storm of migrating to a new work productivity platform on the same day COVID-19 forced the shutdown of many of their office buildings.

With expertise provided by SADA, Hydro Ottawa was able to make strategic decisions fast, safely migrate to Google Workspace, and deliver a secure solution for its customers. In addition, they were able to migrate 700 employees from on-prem Microsoft Office to Google Workspace and decrease simulated phishing link clickthroughs by 2,000%.

7. DOTComm securely leverages Google Workspace to improve public service

DOTComm provides technical support and consulting to more than 70 governmental entities in Omaha and Douglas County, Nebraska, helping 7,100 dedicated public servants to better meet the needs of local citizens. When government agencies needed help managing productivity and collaboration tools, they turned to SADA and Google Workspace to provide a secure solution that better served their constituents. When Google Workspace with Google Drive went live, untrackable network shares and folder and file sharing became a thing of the past for DOTComm.

Check out SADA’s Cloud Security Confidence program to learn more about services designed to fortify the security posture of organizations in any industry operating in the cloud. Contact us for a Cloud Security Confidence Assessment, which includes a thorough study of your systems, data, and user access, with detailed recommendations on how to improve your security posture.


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