Tony Safoian Goes to Phoenix and Las Vegas for AngelBeat

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Next week SADA Systems, Inc. president and CEO, Tony Safoian, will travel to Phoenix and Las Vegas to take part in Angelbeat. Angelbeat is a series of conferences that focus on major topics in Information Technology. Each year’s event includes a tour of major U.S. cities. Tours like this mean that Information Technology professionals from all over the country may attend a nearby event, which saves on travel. Professionals may also attend an event that fits their schedule, rather than fitting their schedule to an event.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the annual tour. Topics under discussion in this year’s tour include security, infrastructure, and networks. Angelbeat tours provide a unique opportunity for information technology professionals to meet and exchange ideas and information. Professionals come to the conference from a wide range of disciplines including IT directors, network and telecom managers, infrastructure architects, and security analysts.

Tony will be attending the event and offering a presentation on a revolution in Information Technology, computing in the cloud. Tony will discuss a change in how we think about computing. Instead of buying and installing expensive hardware, then paying high prices for software licenses required to create a traditional client-server model, computing resources will be provided remotely. The evolution of this concept can be likened the development of electricity, from something that industry used to have to supply on their own, to a service provided by a utility company. SADA Systems has become proficient in providing clients with leading hosted solutions provided by Google. To learn more about Google Apps Solutions provided by SADA click one of the links below:

When not presenting, Tony will also be networking with other Information Technology professionals, and learning about new ways of providing our clients with cutting-edge, efficient, and secure networks. For more information about Angelbeat conference tours go to If you would like to attend an event, registration is still open for the conferences in Phoenix and Las Vegas. There are conferences through December fourth, but at this time SADA is only scheduled to attend the events in Phoenix and Las Vegas.


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