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User Renamer for Google Apps by SADA Systems helps consulting firm Monkey Mac Consulting Inc. save time and IT resources.

About the application
User Renamer for Google Apps allows Google Apps admins to quickly and easily change usernames/names of Google Apps users. Admins download the User Renamer for Google Apps and enter the old username, enter the new username, and the process is done. Google Apps even keeps the old username as a nickname, so your users will continue receiving messages sent to the old email address.

Founded in 2006 by Luis Giraldo, Monkey Mac Consulting Inc. was born from a client’s own description of how she felt when trying to figure out her computer. This Mac consulting firm aims to assist Mac-based organizations and individuals increase operational efficiency, increase long-term cost savings and align their business goals with their technology goals. Monkey Mac specializes in Mac OS X Server, Cisco Networks, Daylite, LightSpeed and MoneyWorks and currently serves several dozen clients.Challenge

Monkey Mac has been using Google Apps since 2004. The web-based office tool suite certainly helped streamline operations and lowered financial overhead with its $50 per user, per year pricing structure. However, Luis Giraldo, President and Technical Director, was not impressed by the tool’s rigidity regarding usernames. Renaming a Google Apps user account was near impossible. A viable workaround consisted of backing up the old user’s Google Docs, exporting calendar items, exporting contacts, downloading email messages, creating a new account, importing Google Docs, importing calendar items, importing contacts, re-downloading email messages and finally deleting old account.Monkey Mac’s tight IT resources did not allow for tedious and time-consuming tasks. Giraldo searched the Google Apps Marketplace for an application that would:

    • Be easy to install and set-up
    • Do exactly want he needed it to do

No more, no less.


Giraldo came upon the User Renamer for Google Apps at the Google Apps Marketplace. Drawn in by the 5 star reviews and low price, Giraldo purchased and implemented the User Renamer.

True to its advertising, the app was able to rename a myriad of Google Apps users. Giraldo comments that “I’d been wanting to change a user over for quite some time, and User Renamer made it absolutely quick and painless. Great value, does what it says it does, and I don’t know how I ever lived without it before.”


The User Renamer provides Monkey Mac with long-term functionality as the company or his clients experience turnover that requires continual name changes. While the application has saved Monkey Mac time and allowed staff to focus on business critical issues, Giraldo notes that if the username being changed is an admin, Postini doesn’t make the new username a Postini admin automatically.

Because this application is specifically for Google Apps, the customer must plan accordingly and point the system (Postini or another external utility tied to the email), rename the account and make sure the old application points to the new emails.
User Renamer 2.0 is currently in the works and will address this issue and feature additional functionalities such as bulk renaming and more.

Interested in installing the User Renamer for yourself?

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