Where in the World is User Renamer for Google Apps?

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Renaming Google Apps user accounts is a challenge that customers from all over the world face. For example, when an employee or team member leaves an organization, he or she leaves important documents, presentations, reports & client lists stored in their email and computer. Existing Google Apps users would have to perform tedious Gmail backup and migration to transfer the necessary files to the appropriate persons. With the User Renamer for Google Apps, rename the account to the individual who will be taking of their responsibilities. You will, however, still need to remember the new guy’s name.

This is where the User Renamer for Google Apps comes in. The sign of a great tool is one that is intuitive enough that, regardless of language barriers, age and computer literacy level, literally anyone can use it! And that is what we are seeing with our awesome little app (modesty is not one SADA’s greatest virtues). Enterprises and small businesses from all corners of the globe benefit from this $10 piece of code. Let’s see where the User Renamer has been!

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A huge thank you to the companies, businesses and organizations that helped make the Google Apps User Renamer into an international sensation! C?m ?n, merci beaucoup, Obrigado, ???????, Dzi?kuj?… thanks!

If you are using the User Renamer app in a country we did not list, let us know in the comments. Looking forward to seeing this list grow!

P.S. Look out for our newest, coolest password syncing tool AuthMagic for Google Apps launching this Sunday, Aug 1!


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