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Google Drive for Work: Unlimited Storage and Accessibility

Employees need to be productive wherever they may be. With a rapidly increasing number of employees working remotely, while traveling, or across great distance, employees need a communication and collaboration solution that allows them to work together from anywhere, and across any device. Furthermore, the amount of enterprise data is growing by an astonishing rate every year, and organizations need a secure, cost-effective storage solution.


Google has designed Google Drive for Work with these critical trends in mind. Drive for Work is one place where people can store all of their work, and where collaborators can access it anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device. To keep things simple, not only has Google worked hard to ensure that Google Drive for Work is extremely easy for IT to manage, but Google Drive for Work can be integrated with almost any other application. The reason why Google Drive for Work is such a powerful product for both end users and IT is because it gives businesses the possibility for limitless storage and accessibility, along with top notch security measures.

Google Drive for Work allows people everywhere to connect across distance using the device of their choice. Drive for Work also allows organizations to share documents securely across multiple platforms to collaborate with vendors, partners, and customers all over the globe.

Google Drive for Work Live Demo

Watch the Drive for Work video to learn more about Google Drive for Work and view a demo showcasing Google Drive for Work’s functionality and ease-of-use in collaboration, security, and functionality.

The Drive for Work overview is provided by Miranda Bucy, Account Manager at Google, and Javier Soliz, Business Development Manager at SADA Systems. Drive for Work is demoed by Jessica Hylton, Google Training Manager at SADA Systems.

Google Drive for Work FAQs

Here are the answers to some critical questions our viewers asked about Google Drive for Work in your business, including:

  • What is the value of working with SADA instead of directly through Google?

    • You get the same price for the product when working with SADA Systems, but we act as an additional layer of support. We also offer deployment, integration, and migration services. As an extension of Google’s support channel, we provide answers and recommendation to questions about new products, can assist with troubleshooting, and SADA Systems generally has a shorter wait time since Google is such a massive company.

  • We have really big files. What are the largest file size we can have on Drive for Work?

    • Storage is unlimited, so the collections of files is unlimited. The largest file Google has currently seen uploaded is 5 TB, which is a massive file. There are additional strategies for uploading files larger than 5 TB.

  • Am I able to share my documents outside my organization, and what if they don’t have Google Drive?

    • Yes. You can either send a file either as an attachment, or you can send a link for the recipient to freely edit the document, even if they don’t have Google Drive.

For more information on Google Drive for Work, email [email protected] or visit our website. 

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