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NEXT '21 - OCTOBER 12-14

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As usual, Google Cloud Next ‘21, Google Cloud’s flagship three-day event, did not disappoint. This year’s virtual format empowered participants to choose their own digital adventure, enabling them to design a personalized experience that aligned with their interests⁠. Participants were able to hear from Google Cloud leadership and industry experts, see the latest tech in action, and had the opportunity to sharpen their skills in a variety of areas, including data analytics, industry transformation, application modernization, productivity and collaboration, security, and more.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Reseller Partner of the Year for the last three years, we went all-in with a number of exciting sessions spotlighting how we’ve taken our customers to the next level. Check out our sessions to see how we’re helping businesses power performance with Google Cloud.

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At SADA, we know that migrating to the cloud is just the first step in the digital transformation journey—what you do once you’re there is what makes a real impact. Our customers serve as prime examples of achieving success in the cloud, mobilizing it to meet their business objectives head-on. To learn more, tune into our customer sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘21 where four of our most influential customers took the stage, showcasing real-world use cases and innovations in the cloud that are driving their performance to new heights.

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    Customer innovation: How Meow Wolf creates immersive alternate realities with SADA and Anthos

    Learn how SADA is helping Meow Wolf, a visionary arts production company, take immersive, multimedia experiences to the next level with Anthos. You won’t want to miss this exciting session diving into how Meow Wolf is leveraging the hybrid cloud platform to power Omega Mart, the world’s most bizarre supermarket and sensory playground featuring otherworldly displays, hidden portals, and shelves stocked with peculiar products. With live, interactive displays that shepherd shoppers to become part of the art/experience, it’s vital that Meow Wolf is able to achieve unparalleled reliability and scalability in order to keep Omega Mart open for business and running seamlessly. Join us as we dive into “what the ‘tech’ is going on” at Omega Mart, exploring how Anthos is enabling Meow Wolf to manage their on-prem Kubernetes clusters, and giving them a single pane of glass to monitor, maintain, and quickly push out app updates.


    • Miles Ward, CTO, SADA
    • Jordan Snyder, Vice President, Platform, Meow Wolf
    • Nathan Bloom, DevOps Engineer II, Meow Wolf
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    WeWork: Ushering in the workplace of tomorrow, today

    The future of work is here, and WeWork is positioned for it, revolutionizing the way people and companies work with flexible workspaces, agile services, and leading technologies. In a time when businesses need to quickly pivot and scale with ease, WeWork’s game-changing business model and global footprint have made the company uniquely poised to address the needs of the modern workforce. With a vision to create environments where people and companies come together and do their best work, it’s no surprise that WeWork is a Google Workspace shop, leveraging the platform to provide productivity and collaboration tools for how teams work today. Learn how WeWork uses Google Workspace tools like Meet to differentiate how it addresses the workplace of tomorrow, and get a glimpse into how they’re helping to usher in a seamless transition back into “the office” for those who’re working under a hybrid or remote model.


    • Rowan Manson, Workspace Specialist, SADA
    • Chad Pierce, Head of Architecture and Solutions, WeWork
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    Quantum Metric: Continuous Product Design - How to build better digital products faster

    Leveraging BigQuery’s ability to handle petabyte-scale queries across massive datasets without any latency, Quantum Metric, the pioneer in Continuous Product Design (CPD), became 2021’s first unicorn. Learn how Quantum Metric powers its CPD platform with Google Cloud, enabling the company to process more than 514M unique user sessions (11% of all worldwide internet users), 4.3 PB of network traffic, 0.9 PB of cloud storage, and 100+ PB of data analysis every month. Quantum Metric’s platform gives enterprises the ability to use real-time qualitative and quantitative data, taking the guesswork out of improving digital features and products and enabling them to determine what online issues are costing them sales. Hear how the benefits of Google Cloud are being passed on to Quantum Metric’s customers, and learn how SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program has enabled the company to scale their businesses faster, maximizing the value of their partnership with Google Cloud.


    • Tony Safoian, CEO, SADA
    • Mario Ciabarra, CEO and Founder, Quantum Metric
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  • logo_b1_white Architecting integrity - Creating secure, transparent digital infrastructures, a software firm specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies, is committed to empowering society by providing technology and products that enable trust in transactions, transparency in systems, and efficiency in how the world works. A pioneer in distributed ledger innovation, created the EOSIO blockchain, the leading open-source blockchain software that provides developers and businesses with the tools to build the infrastructure of tomorrow. Hear why leverages Google Cloud’s highly provisioned, low-latency infrastructure to drive the company’s vision forward, and learn how through secure oracles, inter-chain transaction reporting, key management, and high-integrity full-node validation, Google Cloud’s confidential computing infrastructure is enhancing the security, scalability, and decentralization of blockchain technology.


    • Miles Ward, CTO, SADA
    • David Carter, Director, Exchange Infrastructure,
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    Certification prep: Professional Collaboration Engineer

    A new exam is on the way for Professional Collaboration Engineer certification, with an updated learning path. A Collaboration Engineer for Google Workspace transforms business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices for users, content, and integrations amid an environment that has grown in scope, given the increase in remote and hybrid work. The new exam guide can help you assess your ability to plan and implement Google Workspace authorization and access, advance Google Workspace adoption and collaboration, and more.

    Join this session to learn how Google Cloud’s Professional Collaboration Engineer certification can help you validate your Google Workspace expertise, elevate your career, and transform businesses.


    • Magda Jary, Global Lead, Google Cloud Certification and Badges GTM, Google Cloud
    • Kelly Wright, Head of Engineering, Google Workspace, SADA
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Looking to learn more about how our customers are leveraging Google Cloud for maximum impact? We have a vast collection of customer success stories that highlight how we’re helping leading organizations in a variety of industries power performance. Want to learn more about a particular topic? We have an insights library chock-full of thought-leadership and training content, including:

  • Weekly blogs covering an array of informative topics
  • The Cloud N Clear podcast hosted by President/CEO of SADA, Tony Safoian
  • Videos, including the 27 Degrees series which offers an opinion, or a unique angle, on a particular topic in the realm of Google Workspace
  • Our award-winning hub for remote and hybrid workforces, #CloudQuarters
  • White papers, eBooks, and so much more

You can also get engaged and stay abreast of what’s on the next horizon by joining in on the conversation via our social channels.


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