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Episode 54

How GCP Increased Productivity for ConnectAndSell During a Crisis

  • Tony Safoian


  • Chris Beall

    CEO, ConnectAndSell

June 30, 2020

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ConnectAndSell is a patented cloud sales acceleration platform that solves the #1 B2B sales challenge: getting hard to reach decision-makers on the phone. CEO of ConnectAndSell, Chris Beall joins this episode to discuss their recent decision to migrate to GCP with SADA and the benefits they’ve experienced since switching. Chris also explains his company’s findings when comparing GCP to AWS and what solidified their decision to go with Google. During this era of accelerated cloud adoption now masked in uncertainty, Chris gives ConnectAndSell’s interesting point of view for what he thinks the next five years hold for customers and cloud technology.

Host: Tony Safoian
Guest: Chris Beall

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