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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Next 2023, the year’s premier cloud transformation event, is fast approaching–now’s the time to register and start preparing for keynotes, demos, and can’t-miss sessions highlighting the next wave of Google Cloud innovations. 

SADA, a premier sponsor, will have a significant presence at this year’s conference, including deep-dive sessions on key elements of cloud transformation and a dedicated cloud concierge booth for one-on-one consultations and demos. Our booth will feature a number of giveaways and opportunities to network and meet at happy hour events. Be sure to stay current on all events and programming on our dedicated SADA Google Next 2023 microsite

What bold ambitions are you bringing to Google Cloud Next? Getting up to speed on how SADA has helped other organizations seize the power of the cloud is a great way to spark ideas of your own. To that end, we’re excited to announce a major refresh of our Cloud Computing Success Stories page, where you’ll find a selection of case studies in a wide variety of industries. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite customer stories organized by the focus areas we’ll be featuring at the cloud transformation event of the year. 


Castlight Health makes healthcare more secure

This innovative healthcare organization successfully implemented Google Cloud’s Chronicle security solution in order to consolidate 100% of on-prem and cloud security data in a single source of truth.

Tamr verifies hardened security posture with Cloud Security Confidence Assessment

By conducting a comprehensive security assessment of their Google Cloud environment and partnering in the alliance, SADA helped Tamr extend platform market reach, enrich their sales pipeline, and increase market visibility in the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Revionics completes security assessment to give retailers a big picture view of their cloud posture

As a result of working with SADA on their Cloud Security Confidence Assessment, Revionics was able to identify their areas of security strength, pinpoint opportunities for quick-win improvements, and aggregate results into a single numerical score.

Productivity & Collaboration

MediaNews Group and Tribune Publishing enhance employee collaboration on Google Workspace

By using a single productivity and collaboration platform, MediaNews Group and Tribune Publishing enhanced communication and enabled access to the shared drives for all their news organizations, improving effectiveness across the enterprise.

State of Maryland goes all-in on Google Workspace, deploys email encryption

With guidance from SADA, the State of Maryland was able to unify distributed teams with easy-to-use data protection and access controls for private data, as well as easily share sensitive data via email.

WeWork transitions 5,000+ users from Zoom to Google Meet in 16 days

After SADA trained the employees on how to use Google Meet and documented the use cases for adding external guests from the internet and dial-in callers, WeWork successfully deployed it to its 700+ locations worldwide.

Data & AI

Optoro revolutionizes product restocking and recycling for retailers with GKE

Working with SADA, Optoro completed their migration to Google Cloud and shut down their on-premises operations. In the process they became more efficient by using GKE, saving 80 to 120 hours per week on infrastructure activities.

Google Cloud helps to drive tech innovation at Bloorview Research Institute

Working with Google Cloud and SADA, Bloorview Research Institute was able to establish an institute-wide platform for cloud, compute, and storage systems. In the process, SADA guided them through a proof of concept that led to the migration of 15 TB of data from on-premises to Google Cloud. 

Frasers Group works to clear data bottleneck with self-service data analytics solution for non-engineers

UK retail powerhouse Frasers Group successfully implemented a self-service data analytics solution for their non-technical teams. SADA helped successfully implement the Cloud and Data foundation as the initial step for moving their first dataset to BigQuery on Google Cloud.

Infrastructure & App Modernization

Ocient enhances customer value with scaled Google Cloud Marketplace integration

Learn how Ocient was able to get their data warehouse solution listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace in six weeks–from project kickoff to go-live. 

Tabnine reaches enterprises on Google Cloud Marketplace

Tebnine, capitalizing on its reputation for being a developer-friendly platform, put its generative AI tool in front of influencers within enterprises via Google Cloud Marketplace.

Recharge migrates subscription management solution for enhanced autoscaling and security

Recharge received prompt relief of their system constraints and broad timing improvement by migrating to Google Cloud, going from five nodes on the previous host to 50 nodes on GKE when autoscaling kicked in. 

Location Intelligence

Geopointe provides sales teams with critical customer data using Google Maps APIs

Interactive mapping applications company Geopointe (formerly Arrowpointe) tapped SADA to assist with integration of Google Maps API and leverage Google’s geospatial technology.

City of Los Angeles informs and empowers citizens with Google Maps

The City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency used Google Maps Platform to visually share the latest need-to-know information regarding mudslides, wildfires, and other events with citizens.

Papa John’s leverages Google Cloud to build their customer community

In this podcast episode, Justin Falciola, Chief Insights & Technology Officer for Papa John’s International discusses how the popular pizza company has leveraged Google Cloud and Google Maps to better serve their customers.


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