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What is Google Cloud Marketplace?

When you pour your heart and soul into creating groundbreaking software, you want nothing standing in the way of your innovation and your customers. When your ideas that started out as scribbles on a whiteboard make it through countless stages of coding, testing, and iteration, they deserve the widest possible audience. That’s where Google Cloud Marketplace comes in.

Google Cloud Marketplace is the premier digital sales hub that connects global buyers and sellers, offering unparalleled exposure by tapping into an engaged customer base. Buyers flock to Google Cloud Marketplace for good reason– the streamlined purchasing experience, enriched with valuable insights and supported by a thriving community, offers unprecedented access to a wide variety of seamlessly integrated third-party applications and services.

What is Google Cloud Marketplace?

The benefits of listing your solution on Google Cloud Marketplace

  • Visibility and reach: Access a vast audience of Google Cloud users who are deeply engaged in adopting solutions to enhance their cloud strategies.
  • Ease of use: Deploying cloud solutions that have been purchased on Google Cloud Marketplace is a fast, streamlined, and optimized process to get your solution up and running.
  • Integrated billing: It’s easy to pay through your existing Google Cloud account.
  • Trust and security: Offering your solution on Google Cloud Marketplace boosts your credibility and offers an extra layer of validation, as all products are vetted by Google.
  • Ecosystem integration: Your solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing cloud services and tools.

It’s even easier with SADA Elevate’s Google Marketplace Services

We’ve all had the experience of making a purchase at a brick and mortar store, bringing the box home, opening it up, and scratching our heads in puzzlement as we try to make sense of the instruction manual. Purchasing software is no different. That’s where SADA’s Elevate for Google Cloud Marketplace comes in. 

SADA provides the experts who help your customers assemble your innovative cloud solution within the context of their existing systems and processes. SADA Elevate represents the very best of SADA’s SaaS acceleration services. Dedicated SADA experts manage integration, optimize your visibility in the marketplace, manage your solution’s integration for your satisfied customers, and ensure that your solution is enhanced and performing optimally right out of the gate.

Tailored to expedite your SaaS ambitions, SADA Elevate Google Marketplace Services guarantees product listing in as little as two weeks and provides integration services in twelve weeks or less, from day one to full deployment. Features of this compelling new service offering include: 

  • Google Cloud Marketplace Readiness Assessment. Ensure your product’s readiness with a thorough review process that addresses any gaps before solution validation. You’ll also get access to technical and business assets customized just for you
  • Marketplace Order Manager. Get your product ready for Google Cloud Marketplace with SADA expertise that includes integrating comprehensive technical components and covering order management, usage reporting, private offers, custom registration, and notifications via Google, Slack, and email. Enjoy a swift onboarding process and see your product listed in as little as two weeks. 

Additional features releasing soon:

  • Control Plane and Deployment Manager. Accelerate SaaS deployment on GCP in under twelve weeks with a flexible framework that harnesses the power of product repositories. SADA’s click to deploy feature guarantees streamlined operations, scalable security, and efficient management features for both single-tenant and multi-tenant configurations.
  • Automated Metering. Simplify usage-based billing through automated tracking and reporting, with precise, customizable billing units and tiered pricing. Elevate the customer experience with self service features to seamlessly integrate in-app purchases and facilitate smooth feature upgrades.
  • CRM Integration. Automate Google Cloud Marketplace lead submissions by seamlessly integrating them into your CRM system.

Get the most from SADA’s Google Cloud Marketplace expertise

When you leverage SADA’s unparalleled expertise in Google Cloud Marketplace, you draw upon a deep bench of experience marked by 75+ successful projects in the past two years, an impressive 92 NPS, and an outstanding 4.8/5 CSAT score. With over 50% of SADA customers new to Google, SADA’s 50+ employees with Google Cloud Marketplace SaaS Onboarding certification continue to introduce buyers and sellers to this growing platform.

A track record of success with Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace services

Blue Triangle, a digital experience analytics company, partnered with SADA to streamline customer engagement and accessibility on Google Cloud Marketplace. SADA facilitated Blue Triangle’s quick onboarding, improving the ease of access, procurement, and deployment of its solutions. The collaboration also boosted Blue Triangle’s online presence through co-marketing efforts, live presentations, and social media promotion, resulting in increased awareness and reconnection with existing customers.

“Getting SADA’s assistance to be added to the Google Cloud Marketplace involves a series of steps, verifications, and cross-checks, which actually takes a few months. SADA was able to help us navigate that process, stepping in where we needed some automation and guided us down that path.”

– Tim Grant | Founder and CTO of Blue Triangle

Comeen Workplace, an enterprise-grade platform for optimizing workspace utilization, partnered with SADA to integrate its solutions into Google Cloud Marketplace. SADA guided them through a swift, eight-week process, helping Comeen list their products on the marketplace, resulting in immediate business wins, including a significant retail enterprise contract. The integration not only provided a competitive edge, but enhanced Comeen’s visibility and accessibility to both existing and new customers leveraging Google Cloud commitments. The collaboration with SADA extended to joint efforts in introducing Comeen’s solutions to new customers, further strengthening their strategic position.

“Working with SADA has been great. Simply put, SADA gets stuff done. I highly recommend to any ISV who wants to get on the Google Cloud Marketplace that their first step should be to contact SADA.”

– Benjamin Gauthier | CEO and Co-founder of Comeen

Get started with SADA Elevate today

Google Cloud Marketplace and SADA Elevate

Reach out for a custom demonstration and explore how SADA Elevate for Google Cloud Marketplace can help you bring your product to market with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


What is Google Cloud Marketplace?

An online store that offers a variety of cloud-based solutions and services, compatible with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users can find, purchase, and deploy integrated solutions and services, like web applications, development stacks, and services that run on GCP.

How do I add a product to Google Cloud Marketplace?

To add a product, you typically need to become a Google Cloud partner first. This involves registering your business with Google Cloud, agreeing to the terms and conditions, then submitting your product for review and approval by Google. The process includes setting up a product page, pricing, and technical integration with GCP services. SADA’s deep bench of Google Cloud Marketplace experts are more than ready to help you navigate this process with ease.

How do I publish on Google Cloud Marketplace?

Publishing involves several steps:
1. Product preparation. Ensure your product is compatible with GCP and meets Google’s requirements.
2. Partnership and registration. Join the Google Cloud Partner Program and register your product.
3. Integration and testing. Integrate your product with GCP and conduct thorough testing.
4. Submission and review. Submit your product for Google’s review.
5. Launch. Once approved, your product will be listed on the Marketplace.


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