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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

What’s the worst that could happen? That’s the favorite question of pessimists, hypochondriacs, and cynics. It’s also top of mind for anyone responsible for ensuring that the systems that manage our data in the cloud are secure. At SADA, we believe in the power of replacing fear with confidence. 

SADA’s Cloud Security Confidence Program* is designed to minimize threats and maximize peace of mind. This starts with a thorough assessment of your systems and services to develop your Cloud Security Confidence Score*. Whether you’re managing a remote and/or hybrid workforce, developing the latest AI platform, or migrating to the cloud, the program makes sure you’re in compliance and staying ahead of evolving attack vectors. 

“The dark side of the incredible innovation we see every day in the cloud is that cyberattacks evolve, too,” says Rocky Giglio, Director, Security Go-to-Market & Solutions, SADA. “Applying an innovator’s mind-set to security practices is key for any organization that does business in the cloud. Which is why we’ve designed our Cloud Security Confidence Program* to factor in the latest thinking on cybersecurity combined with the tried and true solutions our customers depend on to keep their data safe.” 

A fair number of SADA’s customers are leaders in industries that demand the utmost vigilance when it comes to security. Healthcare, government, retail, and finance all stand to suffer significantly during and after a security breach. Lost revenue, lost customer confidence, and bad PR are just the beginning of the nightmare scenarios that businesses can face in the event of a serious breach. 

And it isn’t just banking, government, and healthcare that seek security confidence. Mobile game studio Kabam turned to SADA for an assessment and recommendations on how to protect their players’ data as they expanded the reach of their games in Google Cloud. 

Said Kabam VP, Engineering, Maurice Ko, “SADA serves as the voice of authority as to whether our Google Cloud implementation has been set up correctly. The whole point of the assessment was for SADA to walk through all our infrastructure as a way of validating Kabam’s security. Their report was exhaustive and gave us a good baseline on our security and where we stand compared to the rest of the software industry.”

When you engage with SADA’s industry-leading security experts, your initial assessment leads to a series of recommendations, roadmaps, and custom solutions drawn from best-of-breed ISVs and built on the backbone of Google Cloud. Depending on your unique business model, industry, and regulatory landscape, your dedicated SADA security team will work side by side with your team to develop the security strategy that’s right for you. 

“Every business is unique, but maintaining a robust security posture is a universal requirement for any organization in the cloud,” says Giglio. “SADA’s dedicated cloud security team brings a depth and breadth of insight into such vital areas as Cloud Security Posture Management, Software Supply Chain Security, Zero Trust, and more. Ensuring that your cloud security architecture is prepared for any future attack is our top priority.”

Now is the time to replace fear of breaches and evolving cyber attacks with Security Confidence. Visit this blog in coming weeks for posts devoted to various components of a modern cloud security strategy. Download our free ebook, Top 5 cloud security threats and how to confront them in 2023 today for the latest insights on how to confidently embrace your future in the cloud.

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