SADA earns 7th Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year Award, adds Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for Location-Based Services

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

We’re thrilled to announce that SADA, An Insight company, has been named Google Cloud’s 2024 Global Sales Partner of the Year, making it a lucky number seven award wins. And while this amazing streak perfectly aligns with Google Cloud Next hitting the Las Vegas strip this year, this win wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of our incredible team. This recognition underscores SADA’s expertise and deep focus on all aspects of Google Cloud.

We’re also doubling down on the excitement with Google Cloud’s 2024 Specialization Partner of the Year Award for Location-Based Services.

“We are deeply honored to receive two Google Cloud Partner of the Year awards this year,” says Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA. “We are dedicated to transforming businesses globally through cutting-edge technology solutions, and this award is a testament to our entire team’s hard work and dedication. We look forward to continuing to drive success for our clients and impact their growth while furthering our partnership with Google Cloud.” 

Hyper-focus on location intelligence

As more businesses embrace the innovative practices that the cloud makes possible, organizations across every industry are incorporating maps and geospatial technology into their apps and other customer services and offerings. SADA continues to facilitate enterprise-level support of Google Maps location solutions, which represent a growing sector of Google Cloud’s offerings, integrated into supply chain logistics, retail, transportation, public services, and more. 

In addition to location-based services, SADA continues to bring customers Google Cloud innovations in a variety of areas, including GenAI, Productivity & Collaboration, Infrastructure Modernization, and more. Following are just a few of the areas in which SADA maintains a growing track record of successful deployments.

Deep bench of GenAI expertise

In addition to location-based services, SADA offers expertise on generative AI. As more businesses embrace this new and disruptive technology, SADA’s experts have developed methodologies designed to support any phase of GenAI adoption. These new practices are built upon an established record of success with AI/ML and data AI projects. GenAI is the latest iteration of an area of expertise with deep roots at SADA. 

For businesses just dipping their toes into the GenAI waters, SADA consultants can help identify opportunities to start using tools like Gemini for Google Workspace and Vertex AI platform to support existing business goals. For organizations that already use GenAI, SADA experts can provide support in developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with an eye toward getting a unique solution to market. 

Simon Margolis, SADA’s Associate CTO responsible for GenAI strategy says, “It is early in the race toward generative AI, but we are starting to see bold companies launching impressive GenAI practices, developing MVPs, and leveling up their AI expertise in their respective industries. As a seven-time Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year, SADA remains close to Google Cloud AI advancements like Gemini models and Vertex AI platform. We’re more than happy to share our knowledge and perspectives with customers who are taking GenAI to new heights.”

Productivity & Collaboration for any sized organization

In addition to GenAI and location-based services, SADA has also distinguished itself as a provider of Productivity & Collaboration services, including helping organizations of any size adopt Gemini AI for Google Workspace. With Change Management experts who can help migrate distributed teams to Google Cloud’s powerful collaboration platform, SADA’s services focus on customized strategies based on empowering teams with best practices.

Staying ahead of the curve with Infrastructure Modernization

SADA’s Infrastructure Modernization services stand ready to guide organizations through the many opportunities available in the cloud. As Google Cloud experts, SADA has a deep bench of talent versed in the intricacies and best practices of multicloud and hybrid deployments, with a track record of successful engagements. 

Secure your data, your teams, and your customers in the cloud

The bedrock of any significant undertaking in the cloud is security. SADA’s cloud security practices encompass hybrid and multicloud deployments and are designed to confront evolving attack vectors. SADA security experts have developed the Cloud Security Confidence Assessment to help organizations of any size develop a robust security strategy designed to withstand tomorrow’s cyberthreats.

Get started with Google Cloud Global Sales Partner of the Year, 2024

With a range of cloud consulting services, SADA’s deep bench of technical and business transformation expertise is unmatched, with a global reach that includes the UK, India, Armenia, and North America. To start talking with SADA experts about your unique business goals, schedule a complimentary discovery call today.


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