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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When you need an expert, it’s reassuring to know that their expertise has been vetted and put to the test. That’s why Google Cloud developed their Partner Specializations program. SADA is proud to be a Google Cloud Partner that is recognized in ten Specialization areas. 

Says Miles Ward, SADA CTO, “Our teams have done path-breaking, applied, impactful work with the most advanced capabilities of Google Cloud’s suite and have earned not one, or two, but TEN of their prestigious specializations. This expertise is on tap, ready to accelerate your most critical initiatives, increase efficiency, capture market opportunities, and reduce risk. There’s no faster way to come up to speed than to work with folks who are already sprinting toward incredible cloud outcomes every day.”

Achieving a Specialization in a solution area involves establishing a Google Cloud services practice, consistently facilitating customer success, and demonstrating sophisticated technical capabilities. Google and a third-party assessor evaluate their partners according to strict criteria. Following are the Specialization areas for which SADA has been designated, with links to case studies that demonstrate this expertise in action. 

1. Location-based Services 

Build and manage your applications using the best of Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform, in both Web and mobile environments. Learn how SADA helped HCA Healthcare use location-based services to create a national portal for COVID-19 data. 

2. Infrastructure – Services 

Build your infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud Platform, with expert guidance from your dedicated team of SADA change management specialists and engineers. Read our case study describing how Accuweather improved their infrastructure by tapping SADA’s expertise to map six data sources into one data warehouse, reducing data wrangling by 30%. 

3. Data Analytics – Services 

Transform your data into insights to drive your most critical business outcomes. Find out how SADA helped Datastreamer pull actionable insights from unbounded data, increase their pipeline rate to 1.6M data points/sec, and save 30% on costs. 

4. Work Transformation – Enterprise

Deploy Google Workspace at Enterprise level across all project workstreams. Read about how Sony Pictures Imageworks tapped SADA to improve productivity and collaboration for their teams. These efforts simplified collaboration between US and Canada-based teams, streamlined the COVID-19 work-from-home transition, and helped resolve issues faster with the use of chatbots.

5. Cloud Migration – Services 

Seamlessly transition to Google Cloud Platform, with foundational architecture and expert guidance on the mechanics of migration. Read our case study on how LoadSpring expanded their global footprint in Google Cloud with help from SADA, achieved performance parity with on=prem VMware out of the box, and saved months of time in the process. 

6. Data Management – Services

Achieve your business outcomes with Data Management of workloads from on-premises, private cloud, or other public clouds. Learn how MeowWolf created a next-level immersive experience using Anthos as their multicloud solution. This supported their low latency data management requirements of under 50 milliseconds to relay information between the user and the back office, which handled a significant portion of their analysis.

7. Application Development – Services 

Leverage the best of Google Cloud Platform to build and manage your cloud-native applications. Read about how SADA assisted El Camino Health with the development of their powerful, custom app that improves the patient experience by empowering patients to seek the right care at the right moment. 

8. Security – Services 

Secure your customers’ data and workflows through Google Cloud Platform. Find out how SADA helped Castlight Health improve their security posture and protect customer data in the cloud by consolidating 100% of on-prem and cloud security data in a single source of truth. This freed up 50% of their security team’s time for tasks other than triaging security alerts.

9. Data Center Modernization – Services 

Transform your data center workloads from on-premises, private cloud, or other public clouds. When Optoro wanted to improve the returns and recycling process for retailers, they turned to SADA. Learn how they pulled off their ambitious strategy and saved 80-120 personnel-hours per week on infrastructure activities. 

10. Machine Learning – Services

Use Google Cloud AI and machine learning services for data analysis, speech and image recognition applications, and more. Learn how edtech company Embodied tapped SADA’s ML expertise to develop Moxie, a next generation robot companion. 

Learn more about how SADA’s expertise and Specializations can benefit your organization by registrering for Ground School, a free cloud transformation summit where you’ll get access to the latest insights on driving business outcomes in the cloud. 


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