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Meet the Experts: How Google Cloud Helps Healthcare Organizations Enhance Human Health and Wellness

Meet the Experts – How Google Cloud Helps Healthcare Organizations Enhance Human Health and Wellness

Join SADA and our expert, Michael Ames, Sr. Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences for a Live Stream Webinar and learn how the Google Cloud Platform can secure your data with […]

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

Client Tamr helps enterprise companies solve large data unification challenges by breaking down multiple data silos and unifying data into pipelines through automation. Tamr was founded in 2013 and is […]

Digital Natives and ISVs - Priorities in the Era of Covid 19

Digital Natives and ISVs – Priorities in the Era of Covid 19

In 2020, we are moving into the automation age coming from the information age. It used to be about collecting data and trying to figure out how to use it […]

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

SADA & Google Cloud Help Tamr Enable Modern Data Engineering Within the Enterprise

“With Google Cloud Platform, we have a powerful cloud environment that helps support our ecosystem of data unification tools, emphasizes scalability-orientated performance, and solves data pipeline problems for our customers.” […]

5 Ways to protect your web assets during covid-19

5 Ways to Protect Your Web Assets During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, cybercriminals are making matters worse by exploiting the crisis for their benefit. The US Department of Homeland Security, the […]

Image for Reltio Customer Story

Reltio Uses SADA & Google Cloud to Help Enterprises Leverage Connected Customer Data to Win in the Experience Economy

“Working with SADA has enabled us to grow rapidly. Reltio’s vision is to fuel the experiences of the future that matter most to our customers. Thanks to GCP and SADA, […]

5 Reasons Government Agencies to Modernize with BigQuery

5 Reasons for Government Agencies to Modernize their Data Warehouses With BigQuery

As entire industries rapidly digitalize, citizens are increasingly demanding that public-sector agencies provide the same response, access, and ease of use they’ve come to expect from private-sector businesses. This is […]

Image for Northgate Market Customer Story

SADA & Google Cloud Help Northgate Market Deliver Authentic Value to Underserved Communities

“We wanted to throw everything [into a data lake], a customer repository and everything, and we had a unique approach to managing and leveraging it. We talked to Google, and […]

5 Reasons Game Devs should Use GCP

5 Reasons Game Developers Should Use Google Cloud Platform

Many of the world’s top AAA and mobile multiplayer games run on Google Cloud Platform. Here are five reasons why game developers should use GCP.

Image for Customer Story DroneDeploy

SADA Helps DroneDeploy Take Flight with Google Cloud

SADA Helps DroneDeploy Take Flight with Google Cloud

4medica featured image

4medica® Chooses Google Cloud Platform to Host Clinical Data Exchange and Big Data Management Solutions

Patient record duplication is a serious problem in the healthcare industry, resulting in billing inefficiencies, incomplete data for predictive analytics tools, and even clinical errors that put human life and health at risk.

SADA Machine Learning on Google Platform

Machine Learning Solutions for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning tools allow media and entertainment companies to make the most out of their data and redefine their business strategies to resonate with today’s digital consumers. […]

Google’s BigQuery ML Updates Make it Easier for Businesses to Take Advantage of Machine Learning

Google Cloud Platform further democratizes machine learning with major updates to its BigQuery ML suite of SQL extensions.

Image for Google Cloud Next 2019: A Recap

Google Cloud Next 2019: A Recap of Major Milestones and Announcements

SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, is honored to receive the 2018 Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year award.

2019 Brings a Renewed Google Cloud Commitment to Healthcare Data Security, Interoperability and AI-Powered Insights

Google aligns its 2019 Cloud Healthcare development efforts to industry trends such as interoperability, AI, security and telemedicine.

moviebill featured image

Moviebill Publishes Augmented Reality Content for Film Buffs, Leveraging the Scalable Infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform to Handle User Engagement Spikes

“Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was the ideal solution to meet Moviebill’s needs,” says Seth Moffitt, Sales Solution Architect for SADA Systems, the Google Cloud Premier Partner that Moviebill engaged.

Google’s Genomics API Sees Mainstream Acceptance and ML Upgrades in 2018

In the past year, the Genomics API went from a handy tool for researchers to a production-ready genome analysis powerhouse for large organizations. AI, cost savings, and ease-of-use continue driving adoption.

Optimize Video Content With Google Cloud Video Intelligence API

Now with speech transcription, the Google Cloud Video Intelligence API uses ML to detect objects, filter explicit content and identify shot changes, allowing companies to analyze video data as they would their text data.

The Environmental Stress of Digital Change

With change comes orginazational stress. For enterprises embarking on digital transformation, it’s essential to use tools available in Google Cloud to mitigate the stress of change on its employees

How Google Cloud Platform puts your healthcare organization in control

Faced with growing data management and privacy concerns, healthcare organizations are understandably reticent about moving their applications and patient data to the cloud.

Firebase: A Mobile Developer’s Bridge to Google Cloud Platform

3 Ways G Suite for Healthcare Drives Collaboration & Reduces IT Costs by SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Discover why healthcare providers are implementing G Suite.

Google Cloud Next ‘18: New Advantages of Cloud Computing through Accessible AI, Microservices and Hybrid Cloud

Machine Learning and AI stole the show across three days of service rollouts at Google Cloud Next 2018 in San Francisco. Google also announced significant updates to microservice management through Istio, hybrid cloud deployments in GKE.

Look Out: GCP's Data Studio is Officially an Enterprise BI and Analytics Visualization Contender

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients that use a wide variety of BI and Analytics tools to communicate data downstream and across departments. All too common are issues with […]

GCP for Retailers: Use Consumer Data Analytics for Predictive Purchase Insights

In an era of cloud and digital commerce, retailers are no longer responsible for merely responding to consumer demand. New data sources, both real-time and batch, internal and external, allow […]

CS Madhive

SADA Helps MadHive Deliver Blockchain Ad Tech With Privacy by Design

“The solution SADA suggested has been working amazingly well. We process and analyze terabytes of data in real time. When our traffic suddenly spikes 10 times, we can boot new instances — and use them to handle requests — in under 200ms. It’s the first platform that’s truly elastic under intense loads.” – Denis Kezerashvili, MadHive’s SVP of Engineering

Paving a Path with Google Cloud Platform: Top 5 Tech Considerations for GCP

In 2017, we saw both an increase in public cloud adoption as well as a rise in media attention to security breaches. The good news is, GCP is leading the […]

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud – Why Healthcare Organizations Are Making the Move

Over the past decade, HIPAA compliance in the cloud and the mere mention of moving Protected Health Information (PHI) to the cloud would cause IT directors at healthcare organizations to break […]

A Model That Fits: Making Sure Your Company is Ready for Machine Learning

Recent buzz-worthy articles on machine learning and artificial intelligence have piqued a mainstream interest in machine learning. NASA is finding new planets using Google’s AI, Apple (and competitors) are locked […]

Data in the Cloud – Empowering Everyone to be a Data Analyst

With the innovation that comes with the cloud, your employees no longer need to be a “data analyst” to use data in a powerful way to do their jobs. In […]

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