27° is a new video series from SADA offering an opinion, or a unique angle, on a particular topic in the realm of Google Workspace. Driven by product experts who work directly with our customers, the topics discussed will give you a glimpse into the shoptalk conversations we’d typically have in the office—something we’ve all missed while working remotely. To reignite these conversations, we’ve created 27°. Join us, and get a front-row seat as we share our thoughts on all things Google Workspace.



Episodes are released every fortnight (2-weeks.)

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Welcome to 27°

In the first-ever 27° episode, you meet hosts Troy and Rowan who welcome and explain the vision for this new series from SADA. You’re invited to dive into Google Workspace and explore the important role that productivity & collaboration play in our adaptation to the new normal of remote and hybrid work. This episode follows a bounty of fantastic new features released by Google Workspace, and it includes a classic customer use-case and a time-saving product demonstration.

Workspace updates

  • Emoji reactions in Meet
  • Time insights report
  • Picture in picture

Customer story

Sony Pictures ImageWorks makes cinematic magic through modern collaboration. [View related Customer Story]

Product demo

Gmail: A demonstration of the integrated capabilities allowing you to set up calendar events, record notes and create Rooms for managing chat, files and tasks in one place, all without leaving your inbox!

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Reaching collaboration equity

Because Google Workspace was born in the cloud, it removes many obstacles around collaboration, making it equally accessible for all. With Google Workspace, teams no longer have to wrestle with obstacles like storage limitations, machine requirements and different software versions. In this episode, you’ll learn about updates that come from real user feedback – from customers and even Google Workspace’s own product team. You’ll also hear about how SADA supported an over 100-year-old company in its journey to go Google and how the implementation  exceeded expectations thanks to results-driven change management initiatives. This all highlights Google Cloud’s commitment to making collaboration easier and equal for all.

Workspace updates

  • Google Chat suggestions before and after 1:1 Meet calls
  • Compressed presenter toolbar in Google Slides
  • Revision history in Jamboard

Customer story

Kravet achieves collaboration goals and empowers remote teams with Google Workspace. [View related Customer Story]

Product demo

Jamboard: Rowan uses Jamboard to demo the benefits of file collaboration in a pure cloud environment like Workspace, explaining why it is a game-changer. 

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Google Meet means business!

After an avalanche of Workspace update announcements from Google, the hosts break down a few features that continue to set Meet apart from its stand-alone video conferencing competitors. As part of the core tools included with Google Workspace, and no longer viewed as a “nice to have” add-on, Google Meet means business. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how Workspace rescued a customer that was left with a fragmented IT environment after an acquisition. You’ll also learn about the trusted Change Management techniques that SADA uses to enable smooth migrations. Rowan then dives deep into the eight layers of Gmail security in a collaborative Jamboarding session that will leave you feeling safe.

Workspace updates

  • Pin multiple video feeds in Meet
  • Autozoom in Meet
  • Google Maps integration with Google Calendar

Customer story

Digital First Media migrates over 6,000 users to Google Workspace [View related Customer Story]

Product demo

Jamboard: A deep dive into 8 layers of email protection built into Workspace.

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Workspace for the Public Sector

In this special edition of 27°, we focus on Google Workspace in the public sector. Troy and Rowan talk to Google Workspace leaders and get an inside scoop on the vision and drivers of innovation specific to the vertical.

Special guests:

  • Jeff Brown, Global Public Sector, Google Workspace Manager
    Jeff brings a decade of experience working at Google as a Google Workspace (and G-suite) Manager and over 14 years working with some of the largest state and local governments in the Global Public Sector.
  • John Cousens, Managing Director, Public Sector, Google Cloud Canada
    Leading the Google Cloud business facing the Public Sector across Canada, John’s focus is earning the right to be a strategic partner for the digital transformation of Government. Combined with his previous experience leading at Salesforce, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and more, he has been in this space for over 20 years.
  • Alec Humes, Public Sector Partnerships, Google Cloud Canada
    Alec is the Public Sector Partnerships Lead for Google Cloud Canada, bringing over seven years of experience at Google Cloud and 15 years working in Enterprise IT, primarily focused on Partnerships.

Do also check out episode 44 of Cloud N Clear with Jeff Brown, who talks with Tony Safoian, CEO at SADA, about how cloud allowed the public sector to respond to the global pandemic.

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