3 Ways Google Vault is Transforming Healthcare Compliance in the Cloud

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


With all the cloud solutions vendors in the healthcare space, and amid all the free trials and demos they promise, there is only one question providers should be asking: Does this tool drive productivity while enabling us to remain compliant?

Check out three ways that Google Vault facilitates a safer, more HIPAA-friendly environment:

Archive employee communications

When staff all agree on the results of an x-ray, or internal documents have been distributed, healthcare administrators need a secure place to store these records and even access them for future use. The per-record cost of a healthcare breach has risen for three straight years, all while similar costs for global averages have steadily shrunk over the same time period.

Google Vault enables employees to safely store emails, company files, chats/video conferencing sessions, and more, all with the confidence of knowing this application is HIPAA-compliant. While not compliant right out of the box, G Suite offers a Business Associate Agreement that shows admins and stakeholders how to customize their tools to achieve compliance.

The average cost of a data breach in healthcare is $717,000, and PHI is the 2nd most targeted piece of information. Complicating matters is that employees commit HIPAA violations – such as emailing sensitive data to a non-approved colleague – at nearly identical rates as malicious hackers. The difference? These employee-generated infractions, even when accidental or made with good intentions, can cost hospitals 98% more per-record than outside attacks.

Vault ensures that email exchanges, chat conversations, and other casual communications among employees using HIPAA non-compliant tools can be saved and archived on a platform that satisfies all requirements and regulations. Further, administrators can manage access and permission settings – an added bonus, considering today’s mobile-centric workforce – and even create subfolders based on team use or how the information will be used (such as for training or legal initiatives).

Retrieve info faster

An IDC report found that IT professionals lose four hours per week searching for files, and that half of those hours are spent in vain due to the desired info never being found. Whether at small community care centers or big hospital networks serving major cities, medical organizations can’t afford to have staff endlessly searching for files, especially when achieving desired patient outcomes is often a race against time.

Vault offers searchability features that can help users quickly find folders and files. Recent machine learning functionality announced by Google mean that Vault can make suggestions to users based on past collaborators or files they might be searching for. Vault administrators can even access information of suspended accounts and also employees who are no longer with the organization. Simply put, Vault’s enhanced searchability functions enable staff to find more files, faster, and achieve higher levels of organizational productivity in the process.

Google Vault is so much more than storage. It’s a HIPAA-compliant solution to safeguarding your healthcare center’s most valuable data. With this app, employees can more confidently save everything from their collaborations to patient or business data, knowing that Vault’s advanced protections go beyond industry standards to meet the high level of requirements for healthcare centers.


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