3 Ways to Enhance Crisis Communications With LumApps Essentials

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that the ability for employees to work remotely is no longer a fringe benefit for staff members; it is fundamental for organizations to ensure business continuity during times of crisis.

Keeping remote employees informed and engaged is key to keeping them productive, especially during chaotic and stressful situations. However, building a transparent virtual community that promotes collaboration is challenging even under the best of circumstances. How can organizations keep the lines of communication open and keep their staff members connected when everyone is working from a different location?

Enter LumApps, a sleek, user-friendly employee social intranet and corporate communications portal that facilitates top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, and one-to-one corporate communications. Designed specifically for enterprise use, LumApps seamlessly integrates with G Suite, making it simple for our customers to quickly integrate without any disruption.

In response to COVID-19, LumApps has introduced LumApps Essentials, an out-of-the-box communications platform to help enterprises stay connected with their entire workforce both during times of crisis and every day. LumApps Essentials is a secure cloud solution that deploys in minutes, without the need for any prerequisite software or add-ons. Here are 3 ways that LumApps Essentials enhances crisis communications and ensures business continuity: 

1. Provide Employees With Accurate Crisis Communication

Establishing an official channel to quickly dispense crisis information is critical to reassuring employees and quashing negative and disruptive rumors. The LumApps Essentials plug-and-play cloud intranet portal enables organizations to create a single entry point for all crisis information, with pre-built use case templates and mobile access so that organizations can reach all employees, including frontline and deskless workers.

  • Keep employees informed of important news and guidelines through both company-wide announcements and targeted information relevant to specific business units and geographic areas.
  • Communicate with employees around the world in their own languages.
  • Build FAQs and virtual communities to allow employees to communicate, ask questions, and find factual answers.
  • Create a travel hub to provide employees with support, policies, and information on corporate travel.
  • Connect and communicate with employees through virtual town halls.

2. Connect Remote Workers & Promote a Sense of Community

In these times of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to strengthen the bonds between isolated workers. LumApps Essentials transforms your organization’s G Suite deployment into a true social experience combining enterprise portal functionality with social and collaborative features. LumApps Essentials allows employees to create internal social profiles and follow people, communities, and topics that are of interest to them, fostering a sense of community, boosting employee engagement, and promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  • Utilize pre-made community templates to connect remote employees and help maintain alignment.
  • Establish a Health & Well-Being Community to share the latest best practices, information, and recommendations from public health authorities.
  • Create a Remote Working Best Practice community to provide your employees with remote work tips, allow them to share their own experiences, and enable them to receive advice from supervisors and co-workers. 
  • Set up social Communities of Interest, such as Water Cooler or Runners Club, to encourage remote employees to keep sharing and remind them that they are part of a larger organizational community.

3. Build a More Resilient Organization to Ensure Business Continuity

During chaotic and uncertain times, unfounded rumors can quickly take root and cause employees to feel unsafe, which can do untold damage to an enterprise. Transparent internal communication is a powerful stabilizing weapon to combat destructive misinformation. Using LumApps Essentials, organizations can establish a single source of truth that employees know they can trust and rely on, with harmonious top-down and horizontal communication to promote solid connections between employees and company leadership.

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