5 ways CCAI can enhance customer service operations

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Contacting customer support is not an experience most people look forward to. Long wait times, getting routed to a full voicemail box, or having to repeat your question for multiple agents can test even the most patient caller. 

Thankfully, those days are behind us. More businesses are discovering the cost savings of Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI Platform, or CCAIP. For businesses that rely on call centers to provide customer support, CCAIP can be a game changer that delivers savings while improving customer satisfaction

SADA offers custom implementations and support for CCAIP, and we’re happy to report that hold times will never be the same. Here are our top 5 ways CCAIP can enhance your customer service operations: 

1. Saving on costs by empowering agents

Accelerating time to resolution and reducing wait times is a win-win for both customers and the agents who support them. From Agent Assist to advanced analytics capabilities, CCAIP is built to maximize call center efficiency so that every second is spent resolving issues and making your customers happy. Combined with a smart FinOps strategy to manage your cloud spend with SADA, CCAIP can help your organization radically reduce costs. 

2. Natural language processing 

Press one or say whether you’ve used natural language processing (NLP) during a customer support call. Translating spoken prompts into common solutions was one of the first ways many of us encountered AI in our everyday lives. Google’s CCAIP takes NLP several steps further, supporting call center agents with Agent Assist, which analyzes customer intent and sentiment to suggest quicker pathways to resolution. And NLP also provides call centers better records of calls by translating speech to text and automatically saving transcripts in integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRMs).

3. Multichannel communications

Finally, a call center solution that keeps up with how we actually communicate. Multichannel communications make call centers more nimble by offering SMS and chat options integrated into calls. For example, CCAIP gives agents the freedom to text, chat, email, and verify identity seamlessly among multiple devices. This gives callers and agents maximum flexibility, with solutions designed for the communication methods your customers prefer. 

4. CRM integrations

CRM solutions are the backbone of any top-notch customer service organization. CCAIP was built for out-of-the-box integration with major CRMs, working seamlessly with the tools your teams depend on. 

5. Enhance customer operations with custom implementation with SADA

Get your fully customized CCAIP up and running in just four weeks with SADA POWER CCAIP. Your dedicated SADA team of Change Management experts and cloud architects will assess your unique business needs and guide your organization through clearly defined milestones and deliverables, including: 

  • Configured and ready to use pilot environment in Google Cloud
  • Up to 20 multichannel queues (e.g. SMS, chat, voice)
  • Virtual agent for self-service opportunities
  • Agent and admin training and custom documentation
  • Ongoing post-implementation support from SADA experts

The time is right to modernize your call center operations with custom CCAIP solutions by SADA. Get started today. 


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