5 ways LumApps modernizes internal communications and enhances employee engagement

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Amid historic labor shortages, organizations are being reminded that their most valuable asset is their people. While salaries and benefits matter, employers shouldn’t discount the value of employee engagement in retaining and attracting top talent, as well as improving the company’s bottom line. A recent Gallup poll found that 51% of U.S. employees are “not engaged” at work, meaning they have no psychological attachment to their employer or their work. An additional 13% are “actively disengaged,” meaning that they’re miserable, seeking to flee at the first opportunity and, in the meantime, expressing their discontent to their co-workers.

What drives employee engagement? Engaged employees feel that they’re performing meaningful work in a positive, team-oriented environment; that they’re true stakeholders in the business and not just cogs in a profit-generating wheel; and that company leadership is trustworthy, transparent, and honest. All of these factors hinge on effective internal communications, not just between employees and management, but at all levels of the organization. 

LumApps is the only Employee Experience Platform on the Google Marketplace that is recommended by Google, but it’s more than just an intranet solution. LumApps is a SaaS platform that acts as both an enterprise solution for top-down corporate communications and a peer-to-peer internal network.

Here are just a few of the ways that LumApps connects disparate communication channels and aligns the entire organization on a fully collaborative platform–even when employees are distributed across the state, nation, or world. 

1. Deliver targeted and relevant communications

Timely and transparent communications create a well-informed workforce and promote solid connections between employees and organizational leaders. A strong communications strategy also reinforces company culture, which makes employees feel they’re invested in the company and encourages them to become powerful brand ambassadors.

However, the content and resources that organizations share with employees must be useful and relevant to them. For example, information about remote work policies and changes to health insurance options keep employees apprised about organizational news, while industry news articles enable them to see how the company and their job roles play a part in the bigger picture.

By facilitating top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, and one-to-one corporate communications, LumApps enables organizations to deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time, helping employees stay focused and engaged. In times of crisis, when uncertainty is high and rumors can easily take root, LumApps enables organizations to  establish a single source of truth that employees know they can trust and rely upon.

2. Ensure that employees can find what they need quickly

Knowledge workers spend about 30% of their workday searching for information they need to do their jobs, and an additional three hours weekly recreating content that already exists but that they cannot find. In addition to impeding productivity, this frustrates employees.

LumApps centralizes all of the information and resources that employees need to do their jobs. Through one platform, employees can complete onboarding, check their calendars, and access documents and other company resources, such as employee directories and targeted organizational news and announcements. Employees can personalize their LumApps platform to display the folders and resources they use most often. 

Additionally, LumApps Global Search is fully integrated with Google Cloud Search, creating a bridge with content stored in other business applications and enabling employees to find what they need quickly.

3. Foster a sense of community

LumApps’ community features actively encourage employees to communicate, collaborate, and share their knowledge, fostering a sense of togetherness even among co-workers who’ve never met in person. Employees can create personal profiles, follow co-workers and topics of interest, join communities, share content and discuss best practices, and engage with colleagues throughout the organization. Organizations can develop hashtags that categorize posts while reinforcing the organization’s mission and values, and encourage employees to share milestones and success stories so that company leaders can interact with the teams while having their work put forward .

In addition to driving company culture, LumApps’ features enable employees to aggregate and transfer knowledge to each other, promoting professional development and giving employees the information they need instantly to deliver the best possible experience for customers or clients.

4. Promote employee brand advocacy

A recent study found that 63% of 18- to 34-year-olds place more trust in brand influencers than in the brands themselves. While most people associate the phrases “influencer” or “advocate” with external parties, an organization’s own people are its strongest potential brand advocates. After all, nobody knows an organization better than the people who work there.

LumApps helps transform dedicated employees into powerful ambassadors by giving them the ability to share company news to their personal networks while allowing the organization to maintain control over brand messaging. Organizations can provide employees with company-approved news directly via their daily news feed within LumApps. Employees can choose to share this content to external social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, using company-provided suggested text and guidelines so that the message is on-brand and authentic while enabling employees to personalize individual details.

Easy-to-use dashboards allow organizations to monitor Social Advocacy performance, see which pieces of content resonated with employees and their networks, and gain insights into brand amplification. Organizations can use this data to incentivize employee social advocacy by providing rewards, including days off, company merchandise, or other prizes, to employees whose posts generate large amounts of positive feedback and interaction.

5. Use quantitative metrics to measure employee engagement

Measuring employee engagement can be tricky. LumApps makes this process easier by providing organizations with quantitative tools, including analytics that track how employees are interacting with the LumApps platform, which features they’re using most often, and which content is engaging them the most. Organizations can also set up polls and surveys to collect feedback directly from employees.

Modernize your internal communications with LumApps and SADA

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Interested in hearing more about our partners?

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