How the Latest G Suite Updates Boost Productivity and Collaboration

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Companies are always looking to gain a competitive edge, and Google is announcing new G Suite updates to help them boost operational workflows. These are in addition to the new Gmail updates that were announced in May.

Check out how the new G Suite features were designed to help users build a stronger company:

Google Slides offers more design options

New features in Slides mean users now have a greater ability to customize their decks and presentations. These new controls aid in:

  1. Adjusting the position of shapes, images, text boxes, and more
  2. Setting exact sizes as a numeric value or percentage scale
  3. Rotating objects vertically or horizontally, or setting an exact angle

The result of these features lead to a cleaner, more attractive slideshow.

New G Suite updates help you manage your team’s time wisely with Calendar

What’s the point of having a meeting if attendance will be too low to make it effective? Or even worse, the meeting creator will be the only guest? New features in Google Calendar help meeting managers see when meetings are declined without having to go into the event’s details. Users will see a small symbol when all invitees have declined. This means users can better prioritize their team’s time and pick a new date when more colleagues can attend. It also helps remote and deskless workers, who may have the added challenge of having to factor in time zones.

From here, the organizer can:

  1. Cancel the event, upon which invitees can delete it from their calendars
  2. Reschedule the meeting by selecting a new time, or inviting guests to do so
  3. Dismiss the event, so users won’t see the flagged invitation on their calendars

Finding a meeting time that works for everyone is about more than just respecting colleagues’ schedules; doing so increases the ROI on G Suite.

Google Mobile Management support for Hangouts Meet on iOS

Google Mobile Management is also coming to bat, starting June 19th, with a new G Suite update: support for Hangouts Meet on iOS. Existing users who haven’t installed the device privacy profile will now be required to do so in order to maintain access to Hangouts Meet. On the mentioned date, users will be prompted to install their security profile, but only if they’re using v16.0 or higher. Users who haven’t downloaded v.16.0 or higher will begin to see decreased functionality.

As a quick note, users in domains with basic mobile device management won’t be required to install the privacy profile; their devices will be automatically managed once they sign in to Hangouts Meet.

G Suite launched even more features in May

These June updates come on the heels of a G Suite update launch from May. Gmail can now remind you to check on emails to which you have yet to respond. Further, security and integration features make it easier for 3rd party clients to join meetings. Also, Sheets now has additional Braille capabilities, which ensure every team member can collaborate and have their voice be heard.

G Suite works tirelessly so your team doesn’t have to. With these new features, employees can collaborate and problem-solve like never before, even if they’re separated by time zones and geography. Check out the full list of features on G Suite’s official updates blog.

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